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Happy Earth Day!

At Moms Across America we have always known that the health of people is directly related to the health of the planet. This is no surprise. However, every day there is some new fact or figure or reality that comes to light about how our unhealthy actions create disharmony and ill health for the planet -- and for mankind. The two go hand in hand. In fact as early as the 5th century BC, the ancient Greeks believed that the human body was a miniature universe animated by its own soul. And that theory has been carried forward in time to the present in both philosophy and science -- but it is not always taken into account with our actions.  

In 1969 Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, the founder of Earth Day, was moved by a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, to organize a country-wide “teach-in” to educate the public about the environment. The initial Earth Day on April 20, 1970, brought together 20 million people across the United States. It included university protests and public gatherings to talk about the environment and explore ways to defend the planet. This Earth Day, 49 years later, it is a global event designed to raise the public’s awareness of and appreciation for the planet’s environment. It is a day of rallies, conferences, events, and service projects. Last year more than 1 billion people in 192 countries participated. This year it is expected to continue to grow as it has every year since 1970.

Many wonderful things have happened as a result of these gatherings and the awareness and education they have created -- and there is still much to do. Some days it can seem like too much. But it’s not. We can do it. Many people in the know say it’s not too late -- and I believe them to be right. But instead of focusing on the future -- making change for the future -- we need to start thinking about NOW. Because when it comes to health -- of the planet or of our bodies -- change can happen in the flap of a butterfly's wings.

Here is the place in the article or blog where the writer usually starts to present a list of a couple dozen “easy to do” ways that we can all make a difference. If you are reading this article -- you probably are already aware and probably already doing many things to make a difference. I would ask you to do something different this year. I would ask you to enjoy. I would ask you -- this Earth Day and as many days after it as possible -- to get out in nature and enjoy yourself either alone or with friends and family. Go to the beach or the mountains or the desert or the park down the street. Breath, walk, be aware of your surroundings.

young-multiethnic-couple-having-a-bike-ride-in-PPE96DD.jpgExperience the beauty of nature. Feel your connection to the planet. Remind yourself what is really at risk today. Be very clear about what we are in the process of losing. Remind yourself of  the value of nature -- to you -- to all of us.Sometimes we get so caught up in not using plastic and recycling and buying the right car and doing the best right thing at every moment of the day that we can lose sight of the real why. Why are we doing this? The answer can’t always be for the future. We need to start shifting our thinking to the NOW, the present moment. We are doing all that we are doing -- and will do more -- so that we can go to the park and swim in the ocean today. So that we have bees and bugs and fresh, healthy food in the grocery store today -- and tomorrow. So that our planet is healthy, and we are healthy. For all of us -- including the planet -- the only time is NOW.

Zen Honeycutt
Moms Across America


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