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GMO Industry Tries to Co-Opt Organic Industry

Have you heard about the proposed GMO labeling symbols?


It's bad enough that food companies using GMO ingredients won't have to have the words "Produced with Genetic Engineering"- now GMO companies are influencing the USDA to allow a symbol that co-opts the Bio-Dynamic and Organic industry by using "BE" for Bio-Engineering instead of GE for genetic engineering. Absolutely unacceptable! Read Center for Food Safety's article on Eco Watch here.

In EU countries BIO is widely used as the organic symbol! If we were European importers we would NOT import food items with any of the above confusing logos, they are too similar to the below organic logos. We certainly will not purchase food with any of the above logos in our own country.

  Screen_Shot_2018-05-07_at_11.46.03_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2018-05-07_at_11.46.11_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2018-05-07_at_11.46.16_AM.png

On the other hand, if passed- subversive labeling like this makes the work you and I and thousands of others do, and all our organizations that much more important. Americans need honest people sharing, providing the truth and supporting each other to raise awareness in our towns. If the government will not do it, we will!

Stay tuned for further news on how we can comment to the USDA and what wording the lawyers and food movement leaders suggest. Let's be on the same page and get meaningful GMO labeling!


UPDATE: Here is the link to comment directly to the USDA

with your personal (do not only cut and paste- word it your own way or it might not be counted)

See our next blog for specific points to ask for if you would like. Otherwise just say what you want to say about these ridiculous symbols that co-opt the organic industry!


With Gratitude,

Zen and MAA Team

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