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Glyphosate Makes Cells More Susceptible to Breast Cancer

A new study, first posted on GMWatch, reveals disturbing information.

Glyphosate, found in Monsanto's/Bayer's Roundup and 700+ other glyphosate based herbicides, primed human breast cells to be more susceptible to cancer. GMWatch reports,"The glyphosate induced a several-fold increase in a protein called TET3, which is known to remove methylation tags from DNA.Normally when the DNA of a gene is tagged by methylation, it is not expressed. When the methylation tags are removed, the gene can be reactivated. Such changes in gene function caused by alterations in the profile of DNA methylation tags are known to be a contributing factor to cancer formation (carcinogenesis)."

When the alterations in the gene function as described above were combined with microRNA, which are commonly found in our bodies, they grew into an aggressive form of breast cancer called luminal B cancer. This cancer is becoming increasingly common in young women, and has been devastatingly fatal.

This news should have every breast cancer research center shouting from the rooftops to eat organic and avoid exposure to glyphosate herbicides in our community parks and sidewalks!

Watch our interview with UK scientist Dr. Michael Antoniou, on this new study and its amazing discoveries.


Take Action to Prevent Breast Cancer!


1. Eat organic

2. Avoid Exposure to toxin and estrogenic plastics

3. Get glyphosate based herbicides and all toxins out of your town!


and find out how you can have your town go organic. Also visit Non Toxic Communities.


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