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Part 1 Samsel on Glyphosate and Autism, Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and more

Part 1 of the Effects of Glyphosate: Interview of Anthony Samsel by Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America


When Anthony Samsel of the Samsel and Seneff study on Glyphosate and Modern diseases agreed to allow me to interview him, something told me to get a hustle on and drive to his nearby home state as soon as possible. After hours on remote winding roads and towns so small that if you sneezed, you'd miss them, I was skeptical about the level of validity I would find. Would someone so brilliant live in the middle of nowhere?

When I arrived I saw the acres of beautiful flower, herb and vegetable gardens, large greenhouse and gorgeous music room with bass, cello and two grand pianos (and a third for the grandchildren). I saw the stack of the latest college text books on genetic engineering in his upstairs music recording studio, all of which he admitted to having read, and wall hangings of the elements, listened to him speak for a few moments...and I could tell I was in the presence of an extraordinarily valid and brilliant mind, maybe even a genius. I knew he had chosen this area specifically because it was remote. He mostly researches, cares for his wife who has health issues, plays music, writes and tends the garden all day. He told me he grows 10 months worth of his own potatoes and carrots ( I would later understand the video clip on my last blog and you will too), and cans and stores his own food in a root cellar. He is a man of veracious learning and love for living. He adores his wife and family and is passionate about contributing to the world.

What he has to say I not only believe because he has studied more studies on the subject than I could or would in a lifetime, (see his 43 page paper which is a mere section of his research results) but because I have met him and I could sense in my bones that this is a man who cares more about the future of our children and planet than himself. He is hacked daily and there has been a surveillance  black box padlocked and chained to the pole out side his house. There are people who would like to stop him from sharing what he knows, but they will not succeed. He is committed to people knowing the truth and he has absolutely no reason to fabricate anything. He has no need for money or attention. He has everything he wants. He only wants health for his family and our planet. He is a man of facts and science.

What he has uncovered, and will continue to share, will impact the future of our entire nation and planet.

50% of our children will have Autism by 2025 at the rate we are currently going. Millions more will be sick with debilitating diseases and disorders. This is unbelievably outrageous. But it is not crazy. It makes absolute sense when you look at the past history and trend in connection with the levels of glyphosate in our food supply.We will be a nation crippled by convenient toxins with a generation of compromised adults if we do not listen, speak up and alter the course of our future. Our workforce, technology, economy and health care system could be compromised for the sake of greed. 

Please watch and share this important interview with every Congress person, parent, nurse, doctor, health care provider, pre school director, food service director, or person who eats. It's up to us, we buy the food. Thank you.

His last words on this clip..."We are creating this..."

By feeding our children 31.5 million GMO school meals a DAY, even more hospital and senior center meals,  by eating the 160 foods that are contaminated with glyphosate, click here for the list , by eating the 80% of our fast, cheap, easy and tasty food that is GMO and therefore heavily doused in glyphosate, and contaminated at levels thousands of times higher than what has been shown to cause breast cancer....we are creating this. Chips, soda,french fries, corn tortillas, candy, snacks, cookies, breakfast cereal...anything with corn, soy, sugar, wheat, high fructose corn syrup and hundreds more ingredients, are 80-90% likely to be contaminated with glyphosate and contributing to this disaster of a health crisis we are experiencing in America. To add insult to injury, the EPA just raised the allowable levels of glyphosate despite thousands of comments against this pandering to big chemical companies. They raised the levels of pesticides and herbicides in our food crops simply because big chemical companies ask them to. And we accept this...not on purpose...but when we don't speak up...when we don't demand otherwise and cause change...we allow this to...we are creating this too...

Is this really what we want to be creating?

Please take action today to create something create health and freedom in be informed, to have choice and to be healthy. Please host an event in your home town by adding it the the Moms Across America map today...a GMO Free Tea, or Potluck or GMO free Movie night... and share this information, share about GMOs ( which are doused in glyphosate) and the 160 non organic food crops. Because this is UNACCEPTABLE. Moms and supporters will not stand for this. We will stop this. But first we need everyone to know. We need numbers all across the country to rise up and share this with everyone they know. We need to be the ones to protect the future of America.

Please do whatever you can to create a new future. One that we Americans can be proud of and live to enjoy.

Thank you.

Zen Honeycutt

P.S. Part 2 of the Samsel interview here.


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  • VladislaV
    commented 2020-06-15 11:13:30 -0400
    Hi, I am sure that this is very useful information, I advise everyone to follow your advice after reading this article I want to get more information from you about diabetes thanks
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  • Debra Majda
    commented 2013-07-28 07:54:47 -0400
    This is such important information. I just am so alarmed by the numbers. I am also saddened. As a MAA I am passing info to anyone who will listen and people just don’t Listen. I wish interviews like this one was on TV
  • Zen Honeycutt
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