French Government Taxes Glyphosate for Organic Farm Development

Huge News!!

We are so thrilled at this brilliant, delightful, creative solution! You are Manifique, Macron!

French Government Starts Phase-Out of Glyphosate with Online Farmer Platform and Herbicide Tax

The French government has released its glyphosate ‘phase-out’ online platform, in an attempt to help farmers across the country to stop using the world’s most used herbicide before 2020. Macron places a 50% increase tax on glyphosate and funds go to support organic farming. How brilliant!

Man of the Year! President Macron!

Tanzania Orders Destruction of Monsanto/Gates Foundation GMO Trials

Tanzanian civil society organizations (CSOs) welcome the decision of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Mathew Mtigumwe, to bring an immediate stop to all ongoing GMO trials taking place in the country.

Bayer fights transparency of industry studies on pesticides, GMOs

Bayer and other chemical companies are fighting a plan by the Europ




Over 1m tonnes of animal feed in Europe may contain banned GMOs: Report


The report comes two months after the European Commission withdrew the vitamin's authorisation and ordered it to be withdrawn from sale by November 10, after the European Food Safety Authority said it presented a risk for both animals and humans. The authority said that it "poses a risk for the target species, consumers, users, and the environment" due to the presence of genetically modified genes resistant to antibiotics "of human and veterinary importance".

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