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Scientific Articles for Meetings with your Governor

 Please print out some or all of these studies to bring to your meeting. Alternatively, email the staff the links in a follow-up email.

  1. World Health Organization of UN declares glyphosate "probable carcinogen"Glyphosate Induces Growth in Human Breast Cancer Cells- Thangprakaisang 
  2. Study: Glyphosate Doubles Risk of non Hodgkin Lymphoma
  3. Glyphosate harm to testes, Glyphosate damage to human placenta Co-formulants of glyphosate herbicides are endocrine disruptors
  4. Destructive effects of Glyphosate on Beneficial Chicken Gut BacteriaGlyphosate causes antibiotic resistance
  5. Glyphosate Causes Neurotoxicity "American Mind Melt" in rats
  6. Roundup Causes Liver Disease at Small Amounts Allowed by the EPA- Antoniou
  7. Glyphosate induces cardiovascular toxicity in fish
  8. EPA Risk Assessment on active chemical ingredient, Co-Formulants of Roundup 1000x more toxic in Human Cells than glyphosate alone
  9. Records Show EPA Slowed Glyphosate Review in Coordination With Monsanto
  10. Detection of Glyphosate Residues in Animals and Humans
  11. Organic Agriculture Benefits Revealed In New Long-Term Study From Rodale

Important Talking Points to Cover in the Meeting with the Governor:

We ask you Governor_______  to make an executive order to have our state use safe, organic Integrative Pest Management (IPM) methods in landscaping and farming as a priority and discontinue the use of glyphosate herbicides and toxic chemicals in (your state).

The reasons are:

  1. Glyphosate is a carcinogen - IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) branch of WHO (World Health Organization) declared glyphosate a probable carcinogen- and CA EPA’s OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) placed glyphosate on Prop 65 carcinogen list on July 7, 2017. Thangprakaisang study showed glyphosate induced the growth of breast cancer cells in in-vitro at 1ppt (1 part per trillion is the equivalent of 1 drop in 22 olympic sized swimming pools).

  2. There are nearly 1000 lawsuits pending against the manufacturers of glyphosate-based herbicides for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The above study shows a 50% increase of NHL when exposed to glyphosate herbicides.

  3. Proven endocrine disruptor- which means it causes birth defects, damage to testes, sperm quality, sterility, infertility, sex hormone changes, developmental delays, and miscarriage.  As quoted in Wikipedia -- "Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with endocrine (or hormone) systems at certain doses. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by hormone disruptors."

  4. Patented antibiotic- meaning absorbed through drift, ingestion or contact it can destroy beneficial bacteria in our bodies and weaken the immune system. Studies have shown glyphosate can increase antibiotic resistance. 

  5. Glyphosate herbicides also act as a neurotoxin and can disrupt hormones which prevent addiction, depression, mental illness and acts of violence.  Proven to be a neurotoxin: 20 + year study showed children who lived in areas where pesticides were sprayed had lowered IQ. Chemicals that cause neurotoxic damage contribute to mental disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer's, and autism.

  6. Proven to cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at ultra-low levels in study by Antoniou et al.- According to the Liver Foundation 1 out of 10 Americans now have liver disease.

  7. Glyphosate has been shown to negatively impact marine life such as fish and oysters. 90% of run off of pesticides into our waterways is from the urban use of glyphosate on streets, sidewalks, parks, and playgrounds.

  8. Glyphosate herbicides are not safe. Although the manufacturer and EPA claim that glyphosate herbicides are safe, and it would be understandable for the Governor to believe that they are, the fact is that the policy of the EPA is to only require safety testing of one ingredient in the pesticide, not the full formulation. So the products as they are used in our state have not been shown to be safe at any amount. To say that these pesticides are safe is scientifically unfounded. In fact, the other ingredients in the formulation have been proven to be 1000X more toxic than glyphosate alone.

  9. The discovery process of a recent lawsuit against Monsanto showed that EPA employees colluded with Monsanto to cover up evidence of harm from glyphosate herbicides. The lead toxicologist at Monsanto was shown to have edited out data which suggested glyphosate may cause miscarriages.

  10. Glyphosate has shown to bioaccumulate in the organs and bones of animals. This means even very small amounts of glyphosate can bioaccumulate and later cause harm.

  11. Safe alternatives such as steam weed control, mulch, and organic regenerative farming techniques are available. Studies show organic regenerative agriculture can produce comparable to higher yields, improves soil quality, protects farm workers and consumers from toxins.


Today we have brought just some of the hundreds of studies showing the harm from glyphosate and information on the alternatives for the Governor and staff to review. We understand that the state may be wary of alternatives, as they may initially appear to cost more, but we ask this:

  • What is the cost of cancer in our state?  What is the cost to a family who loses a child to cancer? To a husband who loses his wife and mother to his three children?

  • What is the cost of the loss of IQ, of infertility, of liver disease in (your state)?

  • What is the cost of the school for missed school days and to our state for learning disabilities?

  • What is the cost to pet owners to have a dog with tumors get surgery?

  • Or to the state to care for elderly with dementia?

We suggest that (your state) cannot afford to continue using herbicides with such an extensive record of inflicting harm on human and animal life. We ask you, will you make a commitment to issue an executive order to discontinue the use of glyphosate and use safe alternatives instead?

Thank you

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