Non-Toxic Weed Control - Moms Across America

Watch to learn about weed control for your community! 

Part 1: The Dangers and Risks of Roundup

Part 2: One Solution is Steam

Weed Control with Steamed Water! 

We are proud to present Weedtechnics, a company who sells a line of machines that controls weeds through saturated steam and boiling water! Chemical weed killing may seem cost effective in the short-term, but there are several hidden costs such as herbicide resistance, exposure to applicators, off-target damage, water & biodiversity contamination, and most importantly, the safety and health of your family. 

 Please share their products with the leaders in your community who manage parks and other open spaces.

Featured on Denver ABC News!

Have them call 1-888-STEAM-55 and use the code SAFE4KIDS. 


Thanks to Married to Health for producing these videos!

Permaculture - See Beyond Pesticides report on weed control solutions.

Organic alternatives- Vinegar/Soap/Boiling water. Or for home use, Avenger Organics.


UPDATE: In August of 2018, school pesticide applicator Dwayne "Lee" Johnson, who is dying of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, was awarded 289.2 million dollars from Monsanto by a California Supreme Court jury. Monsanto was found guilty of acting with "malice and oppression," meaning they knew their glyphosate products could cause cancer and the company executives suppressed the information. As of September 2018, over 8,000 more Roundup users are filing lawsuits against Monsanto.

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  • Tracy Fels
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-02-05 20:26:36 -0800
    I really think this group is doing a great job educating and advocating for families. We need to push the FDA to label GMOS and have a right to know what is in our food.