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Changes to CA SB 276 Target Doctors

California and the nation face a historic vote on Thursday, June 20th, in Sacramento.

California’s SB 276, a bill which proposes limiting vaccine medical exemptions (VMEs), sponsored by Senator Pan, has undergone major changes.The new text doubles down on doctors and proposes such strict restrictions on the practice of issuing medical exemptions to California children that it is unlikely that any doctors will administer medical exemptions at all. This would put children whose genetic dispositions and auto immune systems react to the toxins in vaccines at risk from grave harm.

To the Health Committee and Assembly members it may appear that by making so many changes to the bill Pan graciously listened to our Governor. The bill states however, “The bill would specify the information to be included in the medical exemption form, including a certification under penalty of perjury* that the statements and information contained in the form are true, accurate, and complete.

Adding criminal penalties for the doctors and limiting their Medical Exemptions to 5 per year does not protect the doctor-patient relationship as Governor Newsom had intended, it practically eliminates it.

*Perjury of Law definition: A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines. The punishment for perjury under state law varies from state to state, but perjury is a felony and carries a possible prison sentence of at least one year, plus fines and probation.

If any physicians have submitted five or more medical exemptions in a calendar year, exemptions from that physician (and your child’s records) will be reviewed by staff of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). You can bet your life that a doctor will cease writing more medical exemptions while they are under review, which could be many months.

What doctor will risk five years in prison, fines, and the scrutiny of the government to practice medicine in California? Most will not bother to even consider writing medical exemptions. They will move out of state where they can practice with respect. Our concern, however, is that the legislation will likely move to other states, as has the push to eliminate religious exemptions, leading to the expansion of the government dictating how doctors’ practice nationwide.

And why a limit of 5 medical exemptions per year? Kaiser Permanente acknowledges that 10-50% of the population can have a mutated MTHFR gene, which can impair the body’s ability to detox, leaving this part of the population  at higher risk for vaccine damage. 10-50% of a pediatrician’s several hundred patients surely could be more than 5 per year.

Schools fall under fierce scrutiny in this bill as well. Local CDPH officers will conduct annual reviews of school immunization reports. For schools with immunization rates of less than 95%, the local public health officer will review all vaccine medical exemptions for that school.

Essentially this bill will freeze further medical exemptions...not only by restricting family history or genetic disposition, but with additional focus on placing criminal penalties on doctors.*

Experts have analyzed the bill and give their perspective on what this means for us in the indented section below:

Any exemptions that are reviewed and do not meet CDC/AAP criteria will be passed along to the State public health officer. OR, instead, the local officer can determine that the exemption is valid based on “other contraindications or precautions, including family history” if the patient’s doctor provides written documentation to support the medical exemption that is consistent with the relevant standard of care. But if this “standard” is still CDC/AAP criteria, then it would be unlikely that a local officer would approve the exemption. Exemptions that go to the State officer for review will be revoked at the officer’s discretion, AND that doctor will be reported to the CA medical board by the State officer.

If a local CDPH determines that a physician poses a risk to public health, CHDP will not accept any new electronic exemption forms from that physician for a period of at least two years. Any doctor who has a vaccine-related medical board case pending against them, no new electronic exemption forms shall be accepted until the doctor wins his or her case.

In addition, existing medical exemptions have to be submitted for review and potential denial by a public health official and now, the Secretary of Health.

VMEs written under SB 277 guidelines prior to the adoption of this new form, and starting Jan 1, 2021 at the latest, must be submitted by the parents (NOT the doctor) to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) in order to remain valid. Such parents won’t fill out the NEW form - they will just submit their existing VME letter. These old VMEs will remain valid, BUT each local department of public health (CDPH) has the OPTION (not required, but optional) to review these old VMEs and if they don’t follow CDC/AAP guidelines, the local officer can submit it to the State public health officer who can then choose to revoke it.

No matter how you look at it, whether the person with the final say-so is appointed by Governor Newsom or not (he is), the bill still puts the decision making into the hands of a government appointed official who will never have an appointment with the child. This is beyond dangerous and is a far greater public health scare than measles will ever be. This bill undermines the doctor-patient relationship, diminishes democracy and takes away our medical freedoms.

Are my child's medical records still private?

No. SB 276 dodges the cost of creating a new database (making it easier to pass through Appropriations) and instead diverts all medical exemptions to the existing CAIR system. (Definition: The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents.)

A CDPH officer may also review ANY exemptions in the electronic CAIR system at any time if necessary to protect public health, without a subpoena.

Not so confidential anymore, is it?

When one reads the bill, it is clear that many of the changes are vague and liable for interpretation. See A Voice for Choice's list of questions here. Only parents with the financial means to hire lawyers will be able to navigate challenging appeals to the law as written, leaving low income parents at a severe disadvantage in protecting their children's health.

Why are parents so concerned about administering vaccines to their child?

The fact is vaccines, as they are currently formulated, contain high levels of aluminum, Polysorbate 80, aborted fetal tissues (DNA from animals and potentially opposite sex), mercury, formaldehyde, and have been shown to be contaminated with glyphosate weed killer (through GMOs or gelatin from pigs fed GMO/glyphosate sprayed grains). Watch the Alliance for Natural Health video here.

According to Kaiser Permanente's "Basic Information About the MTHFR Gene", between 10-50% of the human population may have mutated MTHFR genes, depending on genetic disposition or race and having a mutated MTHFR gene may impair that person’s ability to detoxify toxins. We do not agree with Kaiser Permanente when they say that having mutated MTHFR genes should not impact medical care decisions. If a child has an impaired ability to detoxify toxins and heavy metals, we would argue that he/she should not be injected with glyphosate weed killer and 4,925 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines by age 18 months old. The CDC itself states that a Parenteral - a drug product that reaches the body by circumventing the gastrointestinal tract, including liquid drug products such as vials and pre-filled syringes - must not exceed 25 mcg/L of aluminum.

We would assert that EVERY child is at risk from being injected with the high levels of toxins currently in vaccines and the high number of vaccines that are currently being pushed upon the public by Big Pharma funded politicians. Medical mandates are dangerous. Family history, genetic disposition, the ingredients, side effects, religious beliefs, and timing are all important factors to be considered when making a personal decision whether or not to vaccinate.

The state will also gather our children's medical records, potentially using them for further restrictions and tracking for the rest of their lives. Our freedoms are seriously at risk.

Why is this bill being proposed? Why not honor the doctor's findings that a tiny percentage of the population need vaccine medical exemptions?

All of this is happening because Pan asserts that “unscrupulous doctors” are writing “frivolous medical exemptions” to the 0.7% of California children. And yet not one doctor in two years has been found to be writing fraudulent medical exemptions by the highly capable California Medical Board. Not one.

Moms Across America believes that this agenda, to vaccinate every child, is a stepping stone for Big Pharma to have every adult vaccinated as well, exponentially increasing their profits from the sales of vaccines. The CDC members are in alignment with this goal, partially because, we assert, they own 50 patents for or related to vaccines.

Moms Across America is gravely concerned about this draconian bill and urges everyone, no matter what state you live in, to raise awareness with your Senators and Assembly members of the dangers of such drastic measures....because historically, as California goes the country. And this a direction our country must not go in, for the sake of democracy, the health of our children, and the unity of our country.

Please feel free to copy, paste, add your request and FAX the following to your Assembly member by June 19th 5 pm PT.

Changes were made earlier this week to SB 276. The revisions include:

  1. Adding criminal penalties for the doctors and limiting their Medical Exemptions to 5 per year. Thus, essentially eliminating Medical exemptions and putting children at risk in harm’s way, at the hands of the state.
  2. Eliminating the new database and thereby removing budget concerns so that the bill moves quickly through the Appropriations Committee. The medical records are still made available to any CDPH staffer, breaking confidentiality.
  3. The requirement for parents to surrender medical records still bypasses the need for the Center for Molecular Biology to subpoena data...diminishing our medial freedoms and democracy.

This bill is simply Big Pharma pressuring politicians to enforce vaccination to increase their profits.

Vote NO or Abstain on SB 276 on Thursday June 20, 2019.

Protect our democracy, protect our CA children with medical exemptions, and protect the doctor-patient relationship.

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ParentsUnited4Kids makes the following Call to Action:

Please take a moment to call the following Assembly Health members - ask them to vote NO or ABSTAIN on SB276 when it comes before them. Tell them the amendments are akin to putting lipstick on a pig - it's still a pig! (Or something like that)

  • Jim Wood (916) 319-2002
  • Cecilia Aguilar Curry (916) 319-2004
  • Rob Bonta (916) 319-2018
  • Wendy Carrillo (916) 319-2051
  • Monique Limón (916) 319-2037
  • Kevin McCarty (916) 319-2007
  • Adrin Nazarian (916) 319-2046
  • James Ramos (916) 319-2040
  • Freddie Rodriguez (916) 319-2052
  • Miguel Santiago (916) 319-2053


*Updated 8:55pm June 19 when it became more clear that family and genetic disposition will still not be included. The CDC Contraindications ( what will and will not be included) are as follows - click here.

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    If any physicians have submitted five or more medical exemptions in a calendar year, exemptions from that physician (and your child’s records) will be reviewed by staff of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). You can bet your life that a doctor will cease writing more medical exemptions while they are under review, which could be many months.

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