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Call: 202-566-1925 Elissa Reaves Director of the  EPA Pesticide Review Division

Glyphosate Team EPA-HQ-OPP-2009-0361 

The EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment.

Call the EPA and thank them in advance for having the courage to DO THE RIGHT THING and REVOKE the license of glyphosate!

They can do it! It NEEDS to be done. And it is their Obligation to do so. 

But it will take courage and we call on them to take that on!


Call 1.

Glyphosate is never used alone. Therefore to assess glyphosate alone, and approve it for use with that assessment, is an inaccurate methodology to determine the safety of its use. The only assessment and approval of glyphosate herbicides should be based on the final formulations as used on crops and city or residential weed management.

Glyphosate is always used with co-formulants which have been found to be 1000X more toxic than glyphosate alone.

There is overwhelming evidence showing glyphosate herbicides and glyphosate alone are harmful to humans and the environment. 

The ONLY responsible response to the application for the renewal of the license of glyphosate is: DENIED.

Call 2.

The final formulations of glyphosate herbicides have been found to cause liver disease at ultra low exposure levels, to be endocrine disrupting, tumorigenic and genotoxic, and to increase the risk of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by 50%.

Many farmers claim glyphosate herbicide is a useful tool. However, according to the Center for Food Safety, over 60 million acres of farm lands now have weeds which resist glyphosate herbicides. Waterhemp was just found in sugar beet fields to be resistant. 

Glyphosate is being phased out already across the country.  Renewing the license of this harmful chemical herbicide only subjects our citizens, soil, marine life and wildlife to a harmful chemical. Reapproving glyphosate does not give the farmers a tool that will continue to be useful to them. 

Denying the license of glyphosate protects the American public, farmers and our eco-systems, and encourages farmers to operate in a manner which is safer for everyone. We have faith in our farmers, that they can farm, as has been done for thousands of years, without toxic chemicals.

Please deny the license of glyphosate.


Call 3.

Glyphosate has been shown to destroy soil microbes, which decreases organic matter, water retention, carbon sequestration, and nutrient content.

Decreasing the beneficial microbes in the soil can also lead to increased pathogens, increased fungus, and increased crop disease. 

In the German movie Glyphosate, Poisoned Fields? The director points out that the fields which had been sprayed with glyphosate for 12 years had significant soil quality depletion. Decreasing the quality of the soil also leads to soil erosion, loss of invaluable topsoil, and the destruction of the ability to farm.


Protect the farmer’s ability to continue to farm 

and our ability to have USA grown food-

Revoke the license of glyphosate!


Call 4.

Glyphosate herbicide has been shown to decrease the beneficial gut microbes and increase pathogenic bacteria. 

High levels of  pathogenic gut bacteria results in the vagus nerve signaling the brain’s microglial cells to produce excitotoxins, which stimulate the nerve endings of brain neurons and lead to their death. Damage to brain connections occurs, leading to a reduced ability to make rational decisions.

 In the United States we currently have 1 out of 5 people with mental illness. Brain damage can also lead to dysfunction of the body, such as a sudden development of loss of eye contact, tics, stammers, and what is called “stimming” in the autism spectrum community. If we continue at the current rate, in just 13 years 1 out of 2 of our children born will be diagnosed with autism.


Current and future generations need you to fulfill on your duty to protect humans and the environment and revoke the license of glyphosate.



Call 5.

When glyphosate destroys the beneficial gut bacteria it also destroys the primary location where Serotonin is stored and produced. Serotonin is what supports a human in feeling satiated or satisfied. Without proper serotonin levels a person can experience increased depression, which can lead to obsessive behavior, addictions, and suicide. According to Newsweek magazine, farmers suffer higher suicide rates than any other profession in our nation.

Mental disorders and increased depression can lead to increased homicides and mass shootings. There have been over 314 mass shootings in the USA this year, 2022, already. Since the increased use of glyphosate herbicides as a drying agent and the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, mass shootings have tripled.

Glyphosate’s impact on the hormonal system, brain, and many functions of the body warrants a ban in the United States immediately.


Call 7.

Glyphosate is also a chelator, meaning it holds or makes unavailable the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches. This leads to vitamin and mineral deficiency. Without certain vitamins, the brain will not function properly and humans will not make rational decisions. In addition, vitamin and mineral deficiency has been shown to be connected to many illnesses and conditions.

According to a Smithsonian magazine article, when hamsters in France were fed a mono-crop corn that was sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, (most likely glyphosate), they became deficient in Vitamin B3 and cannibalistic, eating their own young. When Vitamin B3 was introduced into their diet, the cannibalistic behavior stopped completely. 

What if glyphosate is making the majority of the America public vitamin deficient, contributing to violent behavior?

The EPA simply cannot justify reapproving glyphosate in light of such questions and potential harm. Revoke the license of glyphosate!


Call 8.

Glyphosate herbicides have also been shown to destroy cell integrity, meaning they can break down the blood brain barrier and allow toxins found in food, water, the environment, and vaccines into the brain. This leads to increased brain damage, behavioral issues, learning disorders, and early onset dementia. 

Studies have shown that people with Alzheimer’s and Autism have elevated levels of aluminum in certain areas of their brain. Aluminum and glyphosate herbicides have both been found in vaccines. Aluminum and glyphosate have shown to have a synergistic effect that is connected to gut dysbiosis and neurological disease that are characteristic of autism and Alzheimer’s disease.  

What if glyphosate is breaking down the blood-brain barrier and allowing the aluminum (6,150 mcg of aluminum is in the vaccines CDC recommended vaccine schedule) in vaccines into the brain, making it the primary cause for the Autism and Alzheimer’s epidemic?

In light of such serious ramifications, the EPA simply cannot reapprove glyphosate.


Call 9.

Glyphosate exposure to pregnant mothers has recently shown statistically significantly higher numbers of shorter gestations. Prematurely born babies increase the risk of costly developmental delays, special education, chronic health conditions, and infant deaths. In America, according to the Save the Children Report of 2015, we have 50% more babies that die on the first day of life than all of the other industrialized nations combined. The EPA cannot justify that any benefit to glyphosate outweighs the cost--the risk and harm that is befalling our citizens from glyphosate herbicides. 

The only rational, safe, and justified decision is to revoke the license of glyphosate.



Keep Calling for the next 3 weeks until Sept 1.


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