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Alternatives to Sprays

What can pesticides applicators use instead of toxic chemicals? 



We first suggest having the landscapers of your city, HOA, schools or parks learn about tending the soil of the land such that weeds and pests are eliminated naturally. Healthy soil means healthy plants and healthy environment for healthy people.

Amish farmers and educator John Kempf describes how this works in agriculture crop management here, on, and these techniques can be applied to landscaping as well.

If sprays are deemed necessary, to find resources on alternatives to sprays, please see what the committed members of the following groups have found:

Beyond Pesticides Lawn and Landscaping                                         

NonToxic Irvine

And on New Zealand Greens click on "resources"

Find out more about how cities like Irvine had their city stop spraying toxic chemicals.

Download an educational flyer about glyphosate/toxins to create healthy communities here:

Thank you for sharing this information with city councils, HOA's, schools, churches, parks and recreation and neighbors!


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