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Take Action

What can you do to create GMO awareness and cause health and freedom in America?


1. Sign our petition to the CDC and FDA ( see tab above) and share it!

2. Take our survey about the health of your family. ( tab)

3. Add a local restaurant that serves at least 1-3 organic, non GMO meals. ( tab)

4. Host a group to march in a 4th of July Parade! Sign up for 2014 on Feb 14th, because we love our families!

5. Host a GMO Movie night (see "About for links)

6. Host an event in your town and spread awareness ( see "events" for ideas)

7. Share our non GMO and organic Preschool Snack plan with your school, sports, scouts or church groups. ( see "About" and "GMO Info")

8. Pass out flyers to your schools, neighbors, grocery stores and doctors offices! Leave MAA GMO info flyers in doctor office magazines! ( see "Products" or GMO info for pdf's to download.

9. Host a GMO Free ice cream party or GMO Free Tea and invite Moms and kids over for an informative playdate.

10. Connect with other supporters and groups on Facebook like GMO Free USA, LabelGMOs, March Against Monsanto, and www.responsibletechnology.org. Become a leader on Moms Across America and you will be able to contact and connect with local Moms and Moms all across America!

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