Join me in Investing in Moms Across America - Sina McCullough - Moms Across America

Join me in Investing in Moms Across America - Sina McCullough

 Dr. Sina McCullough - Mother, Board Member Secretary, co-author of Beyond Labels with Joel Salatin, founder of Hands Off My Food, LLC., and speaker dubbed “The Farmer’s Champion.”


I support Moms Across America because mothers are leading the way in building a safer, healthier food supply by tapping into their instincts and utilizing their purchasing power.  

Farmers are directly tied to your health.  For example, when farmers spray pesticides, such as glyphosate, it harms your health through the food you eat and the water you drink.  In contrast, when farmers utilize organic or regenerative practices, it fosters health in the food and water and, consequently, in your body.  As a consumer, you decide which farmer to support because you speak with your dollars.  By harnessing your purchasing power, you can shift the market which will change the entire food supply!  

Farmers are also the key to our food freedom. Farmers are the foundation upon which our freedom is built – the last stronghold in the preservation of our liberty.  For example, having access to food is a freedom that many of us took for granted until 2020.  Due to COVID-19, consumers felt the fragility of the industrial food system as food shortages swept across our nation.  In many instances, it was small, local farmers who helped fill that gap so we could keep food on our tables.  In addition, local farmers can help rebuild our trust in our food supply.  For instance, what if the U.S. had to import most of our food from China?  Would you trust the food was safe and healing?  I would rather place my trust in my local farmer, where I can visit the farm, see how the food is grown or raised, and hold them accountable.    

Therefore, the campaign I am asking you to donate to is our “Moms Across America Gold Standard Award” for small farmers who utilize regenerative, organic, or biodynamic farming practices. 


Goal: $10,000 

Who's donating

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Contributions are tax deductible.

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