Join me in Investing in Moms Across America - Lawren Pulse - Moms Across America

Join me in Investing in Moms Across America - Lawren Pulse

Lawren Pulse -Mother, Board President, and creator of Community-owned Agriculture (COA) and the World Health Collective (WHC). 


I support Moms Across America because I think it is one of the most inspiring organizations for empowering mothers to take action for the health of their families and communities. 

I am taking a stand for all people to have access to real organic food, no matter what socioeconomic background. I’m asking for your help with the “We Can't Afford to NOT Eat Organic!” campaign. With this MAA initiative we will make it compelling for people to choose organic in the first place and then we will show them how to eat organic on a budget, even for those who say “I can’t afford to eat organic!” 

We’ve got the ideal team and partners that have coalesced to make this long-awaited initiative a reality. Please help us show the world that everyone can have access to poison-free food, and how they can do it. Your donation will go to research, recipes, graphics, content writing/editing, videos, and technology to make this happen. Together, we will have a huge impact on our growing health crisis by helping people to get access to real organic food. Will you join my chain of “Moms for Moms” today to bring this good news to all so that everyone can have good clean food?

Goal $10,000

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