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George Klabin

George KlabinGeorge Klabin was born in Manhattan, New York, April 3, 1946. He attended Taft Prep School in Watertown, Connecticut. He is a graduate of Columbia University in 1968, New York with a B.A in English.

He founded Klabin Marketing in 1988. He was the sole owner responsible for operations, private label formulations, and the oversight of all divisions. Until he sold the company in 2013, Klabin spent 25 years in the nutritional supplement business. He has formulated many nutritional supplements for doctors, and for his own brands, Bio-Nutritional Formulas and Longevity Science. Mr. Klabin has access to a range of specialists and experts in the field of nutrition with whom he shares information and formulations.

The entire history of Klabin Marketing is one of innovation, technical expertise, and education. Klabin believes that personal service and knowledge, with the search for truth, is the ultimate goal of his life and his business. In the process, he has worked with numerous new and unusual technologies and products. In almost all cases where Klabin has chosen to develop a health product, the company has been successful at disseminating accurate information, and marketing those products.

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