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What event can you attend or host in your community?

Support Washington State's I 522!

Host a community fundraiser like a lemonade stand, bake sale or church raffle. Host a letter writing evening or phone banking gathering. Connect with local supporters, do good and have fun!

It is crucial that WA state's labeling ballot pass. When they win we ALL win!

Go to to volunteer and post your event to Moms Across America event page to share!



 Hand out Non GMO Info with Halloween Candy!

Download our flyer and print to hand our with candy

or order stickers from and put on GMO Candy as one of our moms suggests.



Non GMO Walking Group Saturdays through your Community Park!

Empower your community and create health and freedom in America!

Submitted by one of our Moms, they gather with signs and wear their GMO FREE T shirts as they walk through a busy park on a Saturday afternoon.  Fun! Easy and Free!




GMO FREE Shopping Day! 

The first things Moms ask is HOW do I shop GMO free?

Host a GMO Free Shopping session to coach interested neighbors and Moms to shop GMO free.

Go to for more info.

Post event on Moms Across America map by going to "events" to share and gather further support.



Meet the Congress! Stop the TPP!

This secret Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement could undermine our entire movement, allow corporations to sue nations to sell GMOs in their country and 3 people to decide the future of our economy.

Make an appointment to meet your Congress Representative in August.

Go to to see exactly what to say. It's easy and crucial to our movement.




Feel alone in your community? Most likely you are not, you just haven't met other supporters yet!

1. ASK Moms for help. Pass out our GMO info flyers outside a grocery store or baby store and have a sign up clipboard. Ask them if they would like more info.

2. Go to,, and sign up to volunteer so you can connect with other supporters from their communities. There are more than you think! We are making a huge difference!

3. Look up your local NYR Organic Consultant. This organic skin care company is a supporter of sending out the GMO info Community Building packs for Moms Across America. They have 3000 consultants across the USA who are having home parties and getting the word out about GMOs. Connect with like minded Moms and care for yourself too!

 THANK YOU for expanding your life by empowering others to find out about GMOs, get them labeled and go GMO free and Organic. Your community will be supported in health and freedom for generations to come!



Zen, Kathleen and the MAA team 


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  • George Headden
    commented 2016-10-27 22:52:06 -0400
    I am a Man and a Vegetarian and have been doing all I could on the internet about GMO and Glyphosate Poison in our Earth, GMO Seed, and Pesticides. I have signed pertitions, sent letters to my Congressman and Two New Jersey Senators and you either get the same response or no response…800 Scientists around the world agree that Glyphosate is causing every Cancer known to man, and Every Plague of the 21st Century… Since I am Disabled from an Auto Accident with a Illegal Alien Driving Drunk I can not afford to print Flyers or Banner’s, and Would love to have Bumper Sticker’s, and if they were put on the back window of cars where they would be more visible… I went as far as thinking of putting Stickers on areas of my market like Non Organic Produce, Cereal, Bread, Cookies, and Milk. etc. etc. etc. Love to have a Banner that I may be able to put in a store window in my small town that has many Antique Shops that are mostly visited by females that their children’s health comes first…. Thank You,,, George [email protected]

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