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Barbara Loe Fisher has been a leader in the health freedom movement since the early 80s. A warrior for children, families, informed consent, and education, Barbara has been a mentor and hero for many the past 4 decades.

It was an honor to interview Barbara again leading up to the FIFTH INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC CONFERENCE ON VACCINATION. Click on the link to register for this exciting and informative online conference. I am proud to be one of the many dynamic speakers. Barbara’s message on this podcast will empower you to stand up for yourself and your family at a critical time in history.

The founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, bestselling author of A Shot in the Dark, and featured expert in the recently released documentary 1986THE ACT, Barbara is one of the most knowledgeable and trusted voices in the health freedom and informed consent movement.

I first met Barbara in the early 80s and have followed her work since then. Every parent, grandparent, and soon to be parent should listen to this message and share this podcast. Anyone who cares about kids and health freedom should listen and share.

Hurry, before its too late and your freedom is lost. Seriously, no hype here; time is of the essence.


Stephanie Renner is an awesome mom. Her life changed forever when she took her son to the Pediatrician for his “mandated” vaccines. Yes, the vaccine that was recommended by her doctor and the CDC. Within 48 hours, adorable little Zane was no longer the same child and is now on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Eric Plasker interviews Stephanie about her experience of heartbreak, guilt, activism, and solutions that every parent can benefit from and empathize with.

With new vaccines being mandated along with religious and personal exemptions being removed, Stephanie’s heartfelt, eye-opening story is more important than ever to get out.

Millions of families have similar experiences and are searching for answers. This episode gives an overview of what life is like for a family with a child on the spectrum due to vaccine injury. This is a must-listen if you are planning on becoming a parent and have questions about vaccinating your child. It is important now more than ever to make sure your voice is heard to stop the mafia-style mandates being bullied through congress by the drug companies.


Zen Honeycutt is the founder and Executive Director of Moms Across America. Their shocking Glyphosate discovery may literally save a generation of children. In her recent interview with Dr. Eric Plasker she describes the ubiquitous nature of Glyphosate and how independent lab tests found that this proven, toxic substance was found in 5 out of 5 vaccines. This means that we may literally be injecting “probable carcinogens” into our babies and pregnant moms. With new mandates on the table in every state and country, this call to action is vital and we need to act now. Monsanto/Bayer just paid out a $10 billion settlement to thousands of plaintiffs and there are tens of thousands of additional lawsuits pending. You can watch or listen to the entire interview here now, on our social media pages and podcast. And spread the word. Our children’s lives may depend on it.


Moms Across America interviewed Dr. Eric Plasker, best-selling author, on

📣 How to Raise Healthy Drug-Free Families
📣 Chiropractic and 100 Year Lifestyle Philosophy and Principles
📣 New Important Vaccine Awareness & Findings
📣 The Safety of Chiropractic and Other Holistic Care for Children
📣 The Relationship Between Pediatricians, Chiropractors, and Other Holistic Practitioners
📣 And much more!
Moms Across America is a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms. Their motto is “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.” Moms Across America brings awareness about health issues to our neighbors, communities, and nation and stand together, thousands in our hometowns and millions nationally, empowered and unified, for our kids’ healthy future.
Dr. Plasker and his family have been living this lifestyle for the past 45 years. He has been married to his wife Lisa for 32 years. Together, they have raised their family in this lifestyle, including home births, having their children adjusted immediately after being born, and naturally immunized all three children without any vaccines. He will be teaching these principles during this interview.


Raising healthy, happy, drug-free, purpose-driven kids does not happen by accident. And it is getting harder and harder to do with the stress of technology and allopathic concerns that are causing a new generation of health problems in young people.

It takes a strong compass, sticking to your convictions, and being committed to a long term vision for your kids' well-being. And it is not uncommon for great parents to feel like they are failing. 

Drs. David and Lorraine are on the other side and talk about parenting, the 100 Year Lifestyle way with Dr. Eric Plasker in an interview that will give you great ideas and empower you no matter what age your kids.

Drs David & Lorraine Melendez first met each other in school and were married shortly after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in 1989. Together they opened Gold Coast Chiropractic Center, Cardiff by the Sea California in 1990. 

A growing family practice was a great fit for the soon arrival of their three children, two boys, and a girl.  Immersed in the chiropractic lifestyle, the boys decided to follow after their parents and grandparent by becoming third generation chiropractors, marrying their chiro-college sweethearts too, and multiplying the family chiropractic legacy. Their equally talented, younger sister Alisa, went off to NYC to study musical theater and will soon be making her Broadway debut.

As a 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate office, the doctors have a passion for family care and specialize in predictable posture and spinal correction. An emphasis on helping patients and their loved ones make the critical transition to lifestyle care is essential, so they too can begin living their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle with greater longevity, vitality, and health!


“You’re so lucky…” is a common phrase that Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon here about their own health, their children’s health, their family life, and their practice. We were talking about this at a recent seminar and Jaime looked at me and said, “we are not just lucky”! 

Wow, that triggered an awesome conversation about luck vs. choices, genetics vs. lifestyle, and more! You will love it.

In this interview with Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon share their passion for the choices they make and how they are living The 100 Year Lifestyle, something everyone can choose to do. Hear their heartfelt story and how they are making a difference for lots of people in their community of Fort Mill, SC, right outside of Charlotte, NC.


“I was looking for a vision for my life and found it in The 100 Year Lifestyle”.

Like many of us, Erica Salazar is a lot of things all at the same time. She is a passionate, purposeful working mom who knew she was capable of more. Lost and unclear, she found the direction for her purpose through her connection to The 100 Year Lifestyle. Her real, personal story will inspire you.

Things have not always come easy for Erica. The challenges of raising her son Leo on her own, with his special needs and spectrum issues, had added an extra concern and worry. 

Listen to how Erica found vision, direction, and real-world answers for her life’s work, health, weight, and energy while also seeing exciting hope and changes in her son’s well being.

You will appreciate the real and raw nature of this conversation.


Our 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate doctor of 8 years, Adam Coxon and his wife Jaime have been raising 4 beautiful, healthy, drug-free, and vaccine-free children. Jaime shares how she has been able to raise 4 kids in this lifestyle. She shares her challenges and how they've overcome as a family!

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