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Create a Chemical Free Community


Do you know of hair stylists, nail salons, day care centers, theaters, birthday party locations, offices, senior care centers, museums, health food shops or schools which limit or do not use toxic chemicals?

Do you want MORE of your local businesses to go toxic chemical free?

Create a Chemical Free Community at in partnership with Moms Across America!



Watch the video:

We moms and supporters simply ask our local chemical free businesses and 'Not For Profit' organizations , during our daily errands,  to join the  Chemical Free Community and list themselves ( can help) on the online directory. We can invite them to join right through the website.



 The business receive 4 months FREE and then one month's subscription every year is donated to MAA.



 Once they join the community and are listed, they get a sign for the front of their store saying "We're Proud to be a part of the Chemical Free Community and be supporters of Moms Across America!"



We will be encouraging businesses to increase the percentage of toxin free products they use and transition to toxin free, raising awareness about chemicals and Moms Across America at the same time. Let's get Toxic Chemical OUT of our community!



 If only 5 paying* businesses sign up using our Moms Code MAA15AUG in 200 cities across the USA, we will receive $30,000 per year during the month of May, as a Mother's Day gift to our organization! We will continue to receive their month of May subscription as long as they remain a member!

*Non for profits, like schools and libraries are listed for free and therefore MAA does not receive a donation for that listing, but we want them listed too!

This will buy enough flyers and materials to reach over 1.7 million people!

The long term benefit is that we will be building on online "Yelp" or "Google" for toxin free products and services!  This will benefit our entire community for generations to come. Can you imagine? Schools, shops, services, NOT using toxic chemicals!

So many people, 1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females, are expected to get cancer today. Most doctors say the primary cause of cancer is environmental, and toxic chemicals play a huge role. Creating a chemical free community could be the best investment we make with our time for the future of our families.

Let's  create a chemical free community together! Go to, log in and have your local business sign up using the code MAA15AUG.

To get to know the team at Chemical Free Community - Watch the  Chemical Free Community 1 Min Series - The Who, What and Why? 

To get small flyers to hand out in your neighborhood, go to, click on Materials and order a Medium Box of free materials for only a flat rate of $21.00. You wil receive over 750 flyers of GMO info, doorhangers, buttons,decals, and cards to hand out.

Thank you for your support in creating a Chemical Free Community!




Zen and MAA Team




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