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Being a Parade Host

Do you want to reach thousands locally and millions nationally in a single day about health issues?

You Can! It's time for us to take our country back- from the clutches of the corporations that are making our families sick!

These are our children, our pets, our families, our towns, and OUR parades!

It's easy! Just find and post your local parade location and time near you and post in on our website and/or social media.

Google your county, find a parade and post it on our website by clicking on HOST Your Own!


What does it mean to host a group in a parade?

It means FUN, fulfillment and new friends!!! It means being WAY more effective in reaching NEW people!

Let's face it, once you post a few times on social media- you have maxed out your reach in your social circles.

Joining into a parade means that you get to be the one to reach THOUSANDS of people locally and of millions nationally in a single day about urgent health issues we are faced with today! And bring them solutions! It's time!

What is your issue? Climate change? GMOs? Toxins Free, Pesticide Free Towns? Health Freedom? Fracking?

Reach new people and strengthen democracy by speaking up and taking action together!!!

1 medium parade, 3 people deep for 3 miles = reaching 49,000 new people in person in a friendly way!

Even small parades reach 5-10,000 new people!

Lake_Forest_CA.jpg      parade6.jpg

It's easy and takes just a few minutes to set up.

1.Google the parade near you to find date, time and location. Click on Host your Own Event! Please fill in your contact info, complete with your address and phone number for MAA use only. At minimum, publicly provide your email so local supporters can contact you. Fill in the exact address of a meeting location for the parade like 125 North Street, Hartford, CT.  not cross streets, so that it maps correctly. Set the limit of event attendees to 40.

2. Go to your town hall and fill out the parade application in May and mail it in.  Some people have signed up to join into parades 2 days before, so always ask. It takes a few minutes and is usually free or maybe $30.00. Fill it out with Moms Across America as the group as a 501c3 non profit. Add to the form that our mission is to "Educate and inspire mothers and others to create healthy communities." Our motto is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids." Even if you do not get accepted to join in the parade, you can still meet with your group at the specified time and location that you have listed, and walk along the sides of the parade at the beginning or the end and pass out flyers. 

3. Post the link to your event on social media. Invite your friends and family and ask them to bring friends! We will share it too!

4. Order your parade pack under MATERIALS here. Use FREELRGBOX code to order the large box for free materials to pass out. You do need to purchase a banner for your parade. Download your banner here and email the file to your local Staples or Vista Print. If you print your own materials and join a parade as an MAA group you must get your materials approved by our team. We do suggest you create a flyer with an invitation to a movie night, park play date or organic potluck 2 weeks after the parade so you can meet and mobilize your new team. You may also tell them to meet you at the end of the parade at a nearby park and bring a clip board to gather emails. You can gather a huge team very quickly! 


 Bonus: You get to connect with awesome people in your community and talk to them about health. Listening to them and supporting them is what this is all about. When Moms are empowered we can do anything. BE THE ONE in your neighborhood to provide GMO free/organic and healthy solutions!

It's not enough for our children be healthy. Our children's future spouses are out there somewhere, being inundated by toxic chemicals!

Have FUN making floats, cars, trucks, bikes or decorating shopping carts!
Thank you for your willingness to be a contribution to your communities health and freedom in America!
Maam_parade_CT_group_shot.jpg   Maam_parades_CT_crowd.jpg

Thank you!!!

MAA Team

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    what is the best way to find “Moms across America” in the Twin Cities Mn. area?

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