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Being a Parade Host

Want to be a host for a parade near you, but are unsure if there is a parade?

It's easy!

Google your county, find a parade and post it on our website by clicking on HOST Your Own!



What does it mean to host a parade and be a Leader?

It means FUN, Fulfillment and New Friends!!!

It means that you get to be the one to have many THOUSANDS

of people in your town and of millions across America find out about GMOs!

1 medium parade, 3 people deep for 3 miles = 49,000 people! Even small parades reach 5-10,000!

Lake_Forest_CA.jpg      parade6.jpg

It's easy and takes just a few minutes to set up.

1.Click on Host your Own! Please fill in your contact info so we can mail you flyers if sponsorship is obtained. Provide your email so local supporters can contact you. Video on hosting an event:

2. Google the parade near you and fill out the parade application in May and mail it in.

3. Email the marchers who signed up and let them know when and where to gather! 

To Email your marchers, go to the home page, click on "Action", then "NationBuilder Control Panel" and "People" to make a list of your group that you can email.

Video on creating lists:

Then email your group by clicking on "Email"
Video on blast ( group)  emailing:

4. Order your parade pack under MATERIALS. Use FREELRGBOX code to order the large box for free materials to pass out. You do need to purchase a banner for your parade.

MAAM_parade_truck_sierra_madre.jpg Bonus: You get to connect with awesome people in your community and talk to them about GMOs. Listening to them and supporting them is what this is all about. When Moms are empowered we can do anything. BE THE ONE in your neighborhood to connect with and support GMO awareness and GMO free/organic solutions.

It's not enough for our children to eat organic. Our children's future spouses are out there somewhere, eating GMO food!

Have FUN making floats, cars, trucks, bikes or decorating shopping carts!
Thank you for your willingness to be a contribution to your communities health and freedom in America!
Maam_parade_CT_group_shot.jpg   Maam_parades_CT_crowd.jpg

Thank you!!!

MAA Team

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    It’s really fun and perfect to make new friends!
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    what is the best way to find “Moms across America” in the Twin Cities Mn. area?