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Anita Wilson

Anita WilsonAnita Wilson is the Executive Director of the Gerson Institute, a non-profit that globally inspires, educates and trains people about organic nutrition as the basis of a health restoration model founded on what Dr. Max Gerson decades ago called the concept of “totality”. Today, his 100- year legacy continues to grow through courageous patients, licensed clinics, Gerson-certified health practitioners, numerous patient support and educational services, a passionate, talented team of staff and Board of Directors and thousands of friends and followers.

For 50 + years Anita has followed her heart to rewarding, unique, solution-focused careers in service to humanity. With a background in psychology, she has fulfilled leadership positions in the fields of education, community mental health, children’s residential treatment, disabilities advocacy, and Native American charter school development and implementation before moving to San Diego from Flagstaff, AZ to join the Institute in 2003. She delights in empowering others to tap their creative thinking and to live their passion focused on restoration of the earth’s environment for the benefit of all life. She believes the process to higher, more effective solutions is the honoring and sharing of diverse perspectives committed to a cause larger than ourselves.

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