For the Freedom to Choose our Families' Food!

Moms Across America is a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms. Our motto is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids."

Our Mission is to raise awareness about toxic exposure, empower leadership, and create healthy communities. We support local activities, initiate campaigns and share solutions nationwide to improve our health and freedoms.

We will do this by doing what we do best, CARING about our families and community and SHARING with them about food, GMOs, PESTICIDES and health.  We have an opportunity to bring awareness about health issues to our neighbors, communities and nation and stand together, thousands in our hometowns and million nationally, empowered and unified, for our kids' healthy future.

Who? Moms! Because we buy 85% of the food! It's up to us!  If we don't buy it, they can't sell it!  Plus, Moms are unstoppable and our only special interest is our family.  Moms across America have seen rising health risks associated with toxins in our environment, especially in the food we feed our children.  We want the ability to know what is in our food to care best for our families.  We also invite EVERYONE to join us!  This movement is not just for Moms, we need everyone!!

Why Label?  Because many Americans still don't know what a GMO is. With a label they will at least start to find out what's really in our food.  Why organic food?  Avoiding GMOs and toxic pesticides has been reported to improve health in families across the country.  By raising awareness about GMOs and chemical farming, we improve the health of our community, increase the prosperity of our country and support future generations.

How? Create an event to educate your neighbors about health issues such as GMOs or pesticides/herbicides.  If just one MOM shares about GMOs with 10 Moms, who all share with 5 Moms , and each of those share with 5 Moms, who share with 5...that one Mom, YOU will have reached 1270 Moms in your town!  WE CAN DO THIS!  These are OUR children, this is our country and it is our RIGHT to take care of our families' nutrition fully informed.  Tell all those you care about--your yoga class, your women's circle, your book club--get everyone on board!  MARCH WITH US in a 4th of July Parade near you on July 4th and in Harvest, Holiday and Memorial Day parades!  Host a movie night, potluck or Meetup!

Where?  If there's no event near you, then you have an opportunity to be a catalyst for change by creating one and getting Moms nearby to join in.  It's as easy as hosting a movie night.  Check out our film page under "about" for great ways to share informational movies with your friends and start a conversation.

When? NOW!  62 other countries have either labeled or banned GMOs.  Europe has put a moratorium on Glyphosate, a "probable" carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, and main ingredient in Round Up weed killer.  Why not America?  Let's raise awareness and create change.  Each of us has the power and together we are unstoppable!!

We want safe, healthy food and honest labeling NOW!  We want Glyphosate/Round UP banned NOW!  We want toxic pesticide/herbicide free neighborhoods! Because We Said So!  Join us in parades or other events this year, reaching millions of people directly and tens of millions more through their families and media.  Be a part of history and make America even greater!

Thank YOU!


Zen Honeycutt and the MAAM Team

Privacy Policy:  Moms Across America is a non-profit, grassroots organization and receives contact information through online volunteer signup, donations, newsletter subscriptions, and other outreach. This contact information is only used by Moms Across America to support our mission of educating and empowering communities and individuals, locally, nationally and around the world. Moms Across America may contact you about our work or the work of our coalition partners. We will not give your name to other organizations. You may be notified about participating with outreach educational activities such as: lectures, media interviews, demonstrations, teach-ins, phone trees, newsletters, website updates, leaflet distribution, product sales, etc.


Moms Across America is a division of the Heartland Foundation, a 501c3 and your donations go towards materials and program support. Thank you for your support!

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  • commented 2016-04-27 17:48:12 -0700 · Flag
    There is no possible to way to know if GM food has sickened and killed and hospitalized folks. It is not labeled. That is why it is not labeled. So that claims can be made that no one has been hospitalized. Without a label, GM is not liable.
    On the other hand organic food was eaten for hundreds of thousands of years. Just fine.
    Now with GM food, we do know that half of Californian adults are prediabetic.
    That does not sound auspicious, for GM food the last 20 years, now does it?
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  • commented 2015-03-02 14:22:46 -0800
    Patriotism on a Plate: Moms are Marching. Join a parade near you! GET LOUD about GMOs! #YesMaam #July4th @marchingmoms via @marchingmoms
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  • commented 2015-01-31 10:19:51 -0800
    The public debate revolves around whether a particular food choice is healthy or not. The real debate is, “Who should choose: you or someone else?” The defense of food freedom needs to turn on the right of people to express themselves through dietary choices that reflect not only their preferences but also their judgment. Food is self-expression as much as music or literature is. If the government can control the flavors of life you choose to swallow, then it can control everything else.
  • commented 2015-01-08 10:35:01 -0800
    Hi, My name is Nancy Rubenstein, and I have been working as Educational Director and Volunteer Coordinator for The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights ( these past five years. I have been covering medical kidnappings for the last three. I hope you will consider us a resource. How is PsychRights in any way related to GMO’s….well, first of all, EVERYTHING is….but here’s the deal; the gut is the seat of all health. 97% of neurotransmitters are in the gut (only 3% is synthesised in the brain). The scourge of psychiatric drugs being thrown at people (especially children) instead of real medical care is growing. Psych diagnoses (which have no medical evidence to support them) are being used to weed people out of healthcare, and they are also the fundamental smoking gun of “child protective services”. It really important for this group to understand the “mental health” debacle, and to be prepared to protect you families and your children. Knowledge is power. It’s also important to understand whom you are fighting. The pharmaceutical industry supports all these abuses (6% of gdp) and the GMO issue is deeply involved with the sick care industry. I cannot ell you how absolutely THRILLED I am to see this group, and many other grassroots action groups. This is the way we make the change. People First.
  • commented 2014-12-14 22:12:19 -0800
    Awesome Job guys.I love to join your campaign.
    Will samson form Health Consultant:
  • commented 2014-12-12 22:28:32 -0800
    I would like to also volunteer for this campaign. Please let me know how I can be associated with this.

    John From
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    Patriotism on a Plate: Moms are Marching. Join a parade near you! GET LOUD about GMOs! #YesMaam #July4th @marchingmoms
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    Moms Want Everyone to Know about GMOs! Let's make America Healthy again! #YesMaam #July4th @marchingmoms
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    Moms Want Everyone to Know about GMOs! Let's make America Healthy again! #YesMaam #July4th @marchingmoms
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