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If you are just learning about GMOs for the first time, we know you have many questions. We have compiled some resources for you.

If you already know about GMOs, use these videos and spread the word and create an event or a group to march together!

GMOs, Glyphosate and the Impact on our Health by Moms Across America Founder, Zen Honeycutt

What do Kids Say about Chemical Farming?

See Moms Across America from Washington D.C. in this 10 min Fox News report on GMOs! The reporter is a Mom!

Click to view and Email this link to your friends!

Please share this very important video of a Mom with 4 kids with allergies who found out about GMOs!

For support with allergies go to Robyn's foundation: 

To get Robyn O'Brien's book "The UnHealthy Truth" click here and go to "Writing"

Mom Zen Honeycutt Explains GMOs and health risks in 6 minutes: Most Recent info on Glyphosate ( Roundup sprayed on GMOs) included.

CNN Behind the Scenes Interview of Zen Honeycutt, Mom of 3, Founder & Director of Moms Across America. Email to people concerned about health issues and GMOs!

When CNN aired the the Oregon GMO Wheat Mystery piece by Stephanie Elam on Monday June 17, 2013, it was a giant step for Mom-kind. Click here for the CNN clip on "The Situation Room"

The latest information on Glyphosate ( Roundup) which is sprayed on GMO Roundup Ready food- soy, canola, and cotton (cottonseed oil common in restaurant frying oil) from the Samsel and Seneff paper is astounding. 

"We are creating this" are his last words on this video.

By feeding our children 31.5 million GMO school meals a DAY, even more hospital and day care center meals,  by eating the 160 foods that are contaminated with glyphosate, click here for the list , by eating the 80% of our fast, cheap, easy and tasty food that is GMO and therefore heavily doused in glyphosate and contaminated at levels thousands of times higher than what has been shown to cause breast cancer....we are creating this. Chips, soda,french fries, corn tortillas, candy, snacks, cookies, breakfast cereal...anything with corn, soy, sugar, wheat, high fructose corn syrup and hundreds more ingredients, are 80-90% likely to be contaminated with glyphosate and contributing to this disaster of a health crisis we are experiencing in America. To add insult to injury, the EPA just raised the allowable levels of glyphosate despite thousands of comments against this pandering to big chemical companies. Find out more on our two part blog interview with scientist Anthony Samsel. Click here.

Dr.Lorrin Pang, from Hawaii , with 24 years of experience in drugs and infectious disease, speaks as a private citizen about GMOs, pesticides and the oppositions arguments.  This 90 minute video is lengthy but very worth it.

GMO Myths and Truths revealed in just 6 minutes.

FOOD and GMO Movies

Our WA MAAM Mom Laurie Olson's List of the TOP GMO Info and health related movies!

Links to make your grocery shopping simpler:

Fooducate app- detect probability of GMOs

GMO InGREEDient list 

Non GMO shopping guide

Links to make your GMO Free meal planning and cooking easier:

GMO Free Snack Plan - Preschool, Church, Scouts or Sports

GMO Free Family Meal Plan

Links to let the nation know that we have a right to know about and freedom to eat GMO Free!

Boycott Kellogg’s


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  • commented 2015-08-28 05:05:11 -0700
    Keeping you up to date…

    Lead author Dr Michael Antoniou said: “The findings of our study are very worrying as they confirm that a very low level of comsumption of Roundup weedkiller over the long term can result in liver and kidney damage. Our results also suggest that regulators should re-consider the safety evaluation of glyphosate-based herbicides.”

    Transcriptome profile analysis reflects rat
    liver and kidney damage following chronic
    ultra-low dose Roundup exposure
    Robin Mesnage1, Matthew Arno2, Manuela Costanzo3, Manuela Malatesta3, Gilles-Eric Séralini4
    and Michael N. Antoniou1*
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    GMO Info
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    I love this page on the MAAM site. These are some really terrific and very informative short videos and a difficult subject. These will get you up to speed if you are new to the information and clarify things if you are not new to it and you might learn something new. Until I saw Zen’s talk with Anthony Samsel I didn’t know that farmers were using Glyphosate as a drying agent.