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Needless Tragedy for Autistic Teen

Please click here and watch this video of a CBS news report on an autistic boy.

This is a photo of the boy's stomach lesions.



Then look at this photo of hog's stomach that ate GMO feed. Note that 80% of our American food is now GMO.


The grief and outrage I feel is compounding. A mother kills her own autistic son and attempts suicide with her partner because she feels they would all be better off dead. No one knew what to do with their previous cries for help with his erratic behavior besides restrain him for days. The system failed them.

Earlier this week the parents of the girl who died from a peanut allergy, even though her father was a doctor and injected her with three epi pens, spoke out and asked for the system to do something about allergies. The system failed them.

The mothers of babies with 4-8 X more anacephaly,  ( warning image is disturbing) severe brain birth defects, in Washington state, who are downstream from the orchards sprayed with glyphosate, are not speaking up. Their grief and struggle may be too great.They may not have any idea how severely the system is failing them.

If you have read any of our previous blogs about glyphosate, GMOs, autism, allergies, stomach ulcers, cancer, IBS  and skyrocketing other illnesses, you know where this is headed. You may say that we can't blame everything on GMOs and/or glyphosate, but as a mother, for me, the correlation is clear. The autistic boy's behavior, thrashing and biting, was according to his mother, believed to be due to gastric pain. Her suspicions were confirmed when gastric specialist discovered that he had hundreds of lesions in his stomach, just like the pigs who ate GMO feed and also behaved erratically. We know now that GMO feed has this same effect on pigs: inflammation and lesions on their stomachs and fighting and biting. Scientists also know that pigs have very similar digestive systems to humans. See the pig study by Dr. Judy Carman, Howard Vlieger and other scientists here.

But not once in the news piece do they address WHY are these lesions on his stomach. Not once do they look to his food. For most of us mothers of children with allergies, autism, asthma or auto immune diseases, WHY these symptoms are occurring is not something most of our western medical doctors address. They only prescribe medicine to alleviate the pain. They do not know why.  The system fails to ask and it fails to act.

Here is the thing about failure. It is not the "be all end all", it is not conclusive. Failure is simply a failure to take action. Actions can always be taken. We always have the opportunity to take new actions.

When we Moms ask, and try to take action to get our children or ourselves tested for glyphosate the labs will not perform the test. They say "They do not do that test." We can imagine asking to be tested for "GMO foreign proteins" would get the same response. It all seems futile though, unnecessary even, especially to Moms like me who have read stacks of books to take care of our children's illness this past year... in our guts, we know...



It does not take another two year study for this mother to see that GMOs and Glyphosate, (which GMO's are doused with), are something to avoid. What outrages me is that our system is failing to ask WHY and they are failing to act NOW to protect our children, especially of the mothers who do not know about GMOs and Glyphosate.

We will do a the CDC or the EPA or the AAP...yes we will, and we will get the wording fine tuned so that they just might start to wonder if there is something to our request. But in the mean time, Moms, we need to keep sharing. Because in the end, it is up to us. Our children's lives are literally in our hands.

We need to support our millions of American Moms who are struggling every day and let them know about GMOs and Glyphosate as well. We need to support them. We can call, meet with and email our friends with kids with autism, allergies, auto immune diseases and asthma. Ask them  to watch Anthony Samsels's interview on autism and the glyphosate link and watch Howard Vlieger's DVD on how GMOs affect pigs.  Listen to his radio interview with Melinda Hemmellgam here.

We need to share how important it is to eat organic and non GMO. We Moms see our children's allergy, autism, autoimmune disorder and asthma symptoms improve in a matter of days or weeks after eating organic and non GMO. Click here for testimonials.This and many other horrific tragedies are avoidable, they did not and do not need to continue to happen. We must eat organic and non GMO.

The future of our families and country depends on it.

Just ASK your friends and community to take one or two ACTIONS that will change the course of their children's lives and their lives forever.

They are worth it. Every child is.

Thank you.

Zen Honeycutt

To share with your community, host a World Food Day Community Outreach Week Oct 12-19th, get free flyers, give them to your local supporters and you all just hand them out during the week everywhere as you run your errands or together on the weekend.





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