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Part 2 of the Samsel Interviews on the Effects of Glyphosate

Anthony Samsel on the Effects of Glyphosate ( RoundUp) on the immune system, allergies, autism, ADHD, bipolar disorders, behavioral problems, aggression, obesity, liver cirhosis, depression and numerous diseases.

If you have seen Part 1 of the Samsel Interviews or "Samsel on Unsafe Meat and Potatoes" you want to get straight to Part 2. I will be brief, but I do want to presence WHY this information is so urgent for us.

This information leaves us hungry for more, not because it is "good news" but because it makes so much sense. It reveals the connection between so many diseases and illnesses that are affecting our loved ones...our children that we would die for, out fathers that we admire and respect, our mothers that we cherish and our friends that make us laugh so hard we cry. This information gives us access to caring for them.

This information gives us a way to say.."Hey you can get better!" You can tell them we know why now...and we can do something about it.

So, although this can be overwhelming, I ask you to just be present to the love you have for you family members when you watch this and come from that love when you share this information. When you have "bad" news to give someone, it is much easier to digest if it is served with love. And when you are present to that love, you get that YOU are the good news, THEY are the good news, your LOVE is the good news. And together your partnership in eating organic and having new adventures in growing your own food, cooking from scratch, discovering local farmer's markets, connecting with local CSA's or Co-Ops, those connections and the strengthening of our communities and our country is the good news.

Thank you to the brilliant, generous and caring Anthony Samsel for sharing his time and research with us. Thank you to the talented and committed Ryan Wirick for the amazing editing job in finding all the images to assist us in understanding this challenging information. We are forever grateful for your immense contributions to our movement.

Thank you for sharing this with the media, your congress people and with everyone in the world. It is up to us.


With gratitude for your partnership in creating health and freedom,

Zen Honeycutt

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  • Ruth
    followed this page 2016-09-14 11:57:12 -0400
  • Jessica Denning
    commented 2013-08-08 00:01:37 -0400
    This is a landmark, fundamentally important interview on the pervasive, far-reaching effects of Roundup on the health of Americans. Thank you, Zen and Dr. Samsel for this gift to the world.
    Your interview ‘Roundups’ the chronic diseases caused by this poison.

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