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Healthy Schools Initiative Flyers

Most of our children spend 6+ hours of their day at school, in classrooms cleaned with synthetic chemicals that they inhale, eating GMO school lunches with toxic chemical residues, and rolling and running on school playgrounds that have likely been sprayed with synthetic toxic chemicals.  These chemicals can be neurotoxic, impacting learning, behavior, and mood. These chemicals can impact hormones and developing reproductive organs, be carcinogenic, increase antibiotic resistance, and cause many other forms of harm. 

No one wants this for their child or their children's friends.

We can do better!

We invite you to simply print out 3 copies of the following 2 flyers and bring them to your school principal, Board of Education, and PTA today. All it takes is one person to start this conversation....which can and has led to a yes many times.

Thank you for creating healthy communities - starting with our schools - together with us!

Download files here.




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