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Open Letters to State Officials on Streamlining 5G Bills

New bills SB 556, SB-378 and AB 537 in California threaten the safety of our neighborhoods and homes. Designed to lower the costs of Telecom companies to implement the installation of thousands of "small" cell towers in cities and towns to create 5G "Smart" Grid Networks, these bills "streamline" the process by eliminating the requirement of City Commissioner Planning hearings for installations with public comment. Similar bills are expected to roll out across the United States.

Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro and our director Zen Honeycutt sent letters to the Assembly members in California to alert them to the dangers of bill AB 526 today and have allowed us to republish these letters for your use in your state or city.

Dear Esteemed Committee Members;

There is a massive swell of concern among the parents of the children I’m involved with regarding this bill.  Our understanding is that this bill would remove impediments to the planned rollout of wireless installations by the Telecom industry whilst removing oversight by local municipalities.  Why would we let this happen?

As a 40 year veteran of the practice of pediatrics, there is no denying that children are experiencing the health ramifications of EMFs. The industry has enlisted the help of slick PR campaigns to deter you from understanding the health risks of 5G.  I refer you to the research from the Environmental Health Trust on the health risks from EMFs/5G ( It should be emphasized that health effects are cumulative and may not be manifested immediately.  An additional concern is that physicians are not trained in this arena of how to assess for EMF sickness and how to treat it.  And if we are inundated with towers and antennas, it will not be possible to remove the source once we lose local control.  

Additionally, parents, grandparents, colleagues, and citizens are concerned that this bill will increase the overloading of utility poles, contributing to Californian wildfires.  Additionally, we are experiencing yet again drought with all the inherent fire risks.  Wireless companies will not bear the brunt of responsibility if there is harm from their installations.  Who will?

We are all reminded of the impact of SB 649, which would have allowed 5G installations without community oversight.  That bill was fortunately overturned.  There appears to be a strategy to transfer potential liability from industry to government.  Clearly, this is not my area of expertise but concern.  Doesn’t California have enough to deal with without potential legal action?  When people learn the harm from impending installation of 5G and control by industry, envision massive litigation by affected citizens.  

Our communities deserve and ask for control in their own communities.  Do not hand over the key to our communities, homes, and children’s lives to a profit-driven industry.  I’m a busy pediatrician, but this is too important not to write to you.  I’ve included many of the women on this thread who are involved in this issue, in touch with their communities, and observant on how our voted representatives will serve us in terms of their vote.

Please, do the right thing and vote NO to this reckless wireless expansion.

Respectfully submitted,


Michelle Perro, MD
[email protected]

Executive Director,

Co-Author, What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Dear Esteemed Committee Members,

I, too, echo the sentiments of Dr. Perro, an experienced and respected pediatrician. I am the director of a nonprofit, Moms Across America, that reaches millions of people every month, most of them from California. I am compelled to tell you that our mothers will not forget if an elected official has been any part of allowing Telecom to put a small cell tower 6, 15, or even 500 feet outside their home. 

The health ramifications are immediate. Our moms report that when a "small" cell tower or wireless facility is put up near their homes, even as far as 1000 feet, that their children experience nose bleeds, headaches, mood changes, erratic behavior, and life becomes unbearable. Many have to move within days or weeks to avoid the effects. Real estate agents have difficulty selling that apartment or home, and the reported value loss is 20-30% less. 

The telecom companies report that these "small" cell towers or antennas emit as much power or radiofrequency radiation as a cell phone. If that were true ( which it is not, they emit 15,000-75,-000 times more than necessary to put 5 bars in a cell phone), how much does a cell phone emit? Recent testing with a Safe and Sound Pro II meter which measures the max peaks, not just the average, shows that everyday cell phone use can max out the meter at 2.5 million microwatts per hour when playing a video. Scientists at list many studies to back up their assessment that over 100 is harmful and 1000 microwatts are extreme and dangerous. For example, in a study with male rats over 18 weeks, when they were exposed to a cell phone for 3 hours at a time, 2 x a day, a total of six hours, by the end of the 18 weeks, most of their sperm was dead. In addition, the science shows that it is the modulation of the pulse, which can be altered, which is the most harmful ( cancer, brain, reproductive, and children's health especially), and this is not addressed by the Telecom reps lobbying you on behalf of their billionaire CEOs.

The fact is that you would not want a "small" cell tower outside of your home. Your constituents do not want it. The only people who want to "streamline" this process are big Telecom and Big Data ( they want to create a 5G grid to download our information and market things) to make higher profits. The profits will go to the top 1% of the 1%. If any jobs are created, they will not offset the people who move, get sick, and potentially sue due to loss of liberty, as is stated in the 14th Amendment that you are sworn to protect.

Do a few CEOs need higher profits more than we need our homes, intact communities, and health? More than you need constituents that know that you stand for their well-being and best interests?

We urge you to listen to the good doctor and the mothers of millions of children who need you to have the courage to vote no on AB 537. Allow local authorities do their jobs to have public hearings regarding these "small" cell towers with enormous health effects. If Telecom's service is so necessary and safe, why not let the local constituents decide if they want them?

Maintain the democracy you were elected to defend and keep our communities safe by supporting infrastructure that installs Fiber Optics into our communities instead. Fiber Optics brings a safer, faster, more reliable service and does not cause fires like these wireless facilities.

Thank you.

With Gratitude,

Zen Honeycutt

Founding Executive Director, Moms Across America


International Speaker
Based in Western North Carolina

We ask you to please educate your city commissioners, and elected officials NOW before bills like this are presented in your city.

Find your Representatives here:

The only way to prevent exposure to your family is before these wireless facilities get installed or to move out of your homes.

Thank you for your partnership in health!

Moms Across America

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