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Human Rights Violations Document Submitted to Monsanto






Data compiled by members of The Monsanto Tribunal Team, Navdanya, Moms Across America and concerned citizens of the USA.



We submit that Monsanto, first and foremost a chemical company, is mistaken in thinking it is its job to “Feed the World”. Monsanto’s job is to make sure the chemicals they sell are safe and effective. Or, to redirect it’s resources to business which does not include using toxic chemicals which can harm humans, wildlife, livestock, soil and the water supply. Monsanto has a responsibility to maintain its commitment to product safety and integrity by forming a committee to investigate if human rights violations have occurred due to their products and business practices.

Millions of people worldwide are working to reclaim their basic right of seed freedom, to protect human health and rights, and to promote poison-free organic farming and agroecology. We call upon Monsanto Company to ensure that their globally acknowledged human rights violations cease and desist.



Monsanto’s Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes against plant biodiversity, integrity and intrinsic worth of species by defining seeds and plants as their novel invention. Crimes against animal species and biodiversity.

Crimes against biodiversity of pollinators – 75 % bees gone because of industrial agriculture and have become endangered species.

Crimes against the Soil – Destruction and sterilization of soil fertility, bioavailability and desertification.

Crimes against farmers – Over 300,000 farmers from India alone have committed suicide because of the failure of Monsanto’s products which led to disastrous debt.

Propaganda and Lies: Monsanto has spread intentionally faulty science and lies to attempt to misguide the public and cover up their crimes.

Attack on Scientists – They have aggressively attacked independent scientist like Dr. Eric Seralini and Dr. Arpad Pusztai et al who have stood for real science and independent research.

Attack on Democracy – Monsanto has repeatedly attacked antitrust bodies, legislatures, judiciary and entire governments and government welfare institutions where their products are rejected or restricted, with lawsuits and political pressure.

Right to Know: They have lobbied to deny Americans the right to know what goes into our food, while other countries are fully informed.

Attack on biosafety and Convention on Biological Diversity - Monsanto products have caused irreversible genetic contamination and pollution which blatantly thwarts the CBD's standards of biosafety regulation.

Crimes against the Earth – Monsanto and chemical companies are some of the biggest contributors to climate change.  Their chemicals lead to loss of carbon sequestration in the soil and water retention. Polluted oceans leads to algal blooms, temperature changes in the water, and changes to climate.

Crimes against Humanity- Humans are being forced to consume Monsanto’s harmful products through contaminated food, breastmilk and beverages and are exposed by drift, rain, vaccines, and tap water. Health issues now impact 1 out of 2 of our most vulnerable babies, and children. Scientific studies on glyphosate herbicides and Monsanto’s products on animals, bacteria and cells explain the harm that is skyrocketing in our children and families.


To see or download the entire document with all Exhibits for each of the 11 crimes against humanity, Click here.

Please note: the document is not exhaustive, there are many more violations, these are just a few of the examples.

This document was given to the Board of Monsanto and Executive Director team on January 31, 2018.

The shareholders did not approve to form a Human Rights committee.


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  • Bikky Gupta
    followed this page 2018-02-17 03:04:07 -0500
  • Harvey Makishima
    commented 2018-02-02 00:24:37 -0500
    Based on all of the above it would appear that many countries would pursue human rights and other violations against Monsanto because glyphosate-based herbicides are so pervasive with widespread use globally.

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