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Government Induced GMO Free-For-All

If you looked at the recent news about the policy proposal to have GMO companies regulate themselves, 30 years ago, we would have thought it satire. No one except for the GMO companies, shareholders, and corrupted members of our government would thought that it would be a good idea for chemical companies to regulate themselves. We have all seen, through the devastating situations of cancer and deformities involving Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS, PFAS (ie:non stick pan chemicals) what happens when chemical companies are allowed to sell their products without regard for safety. This recent executive order is an assault on the health and safety of us all.

The Center for Food Safety states," Unfortunately the rules being proposed would make almost every GMO exempt from regulation and instead allow the companies that make GMOs decide the safety of their own products before selling them. If we don’t stop these new rules, the vast majority of GMOs will not be reviewed by the government. Instead chemical and food companies would decide whether or not their own GMOs are harmful. Talk about a conflict of interest!"

We must speak up!

With these new rules, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing a radical voluntary review system for GE crops. These new regulations leave it up to chemical companies—like Monsanto/Bayer and Dow—to “self-determine” review; in other words, these chemical companies would make their own determinations as to whether or not their GE plant experiments should even be reported to USDA at all.

The means a Government induced GMO-Free-FOR-ALL is bound to happen! More GMOs will be allowed into our food supply, unlabeled, without ANY regulation! And yet they won't come without costs. Studies have shown that the third generation of hamster that ate GMO soy were sterile, GMOs cause off target mutations and cancer risk, and NK603 GMO corn contained high levels of toxins such as Putrascine and Cadavarine. 

Let our government know that you want GMOs regulated to protect the health and safety of our population, especially pregnant women, fetuses, babies and children, who are the most vulnerable. There are more scientific studies showing the harm of GMOs everyday. A good resource is

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