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FDA Means to Let Food Companies Off the Hook AGAIN

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday and get a chance to rest. Unfortunately, the FDA never ceases their shenanigans.

Below is a link to an article on the FDA's current redefining of "healthy" only using nutritional content for parameters. And then not enforcing it. 



"While FDA is considering how to redefine the term “healthy” as a nutrient content claim, food manufacturers can continue to use the term “healthy” on foods that meet the current regulatory definition. FDA is also issuing a guidance document stating that FDA does not intend to enforce the regulatory requirements for products that use the term if certain criteria described in the guidance document are met"


This means by only classifying "healthy" under NUTRITIONAL content, they avoid GMO and pesticides, continuing to allow them in "healthy" food.

Ihealthy-foods.jpg . cheerios.png

Even Google knows better: If you search for "Healthy Foods" what shows up are whole foods on the left, not processed food such as Cheerios, on the right which has high residue levels of glyphosate.


Also the FDA's decision to "redefine healthy" successfully delays the outcome of any legal action against food companies,

"The FDA’s action on “healthy” may prove meaningful for food companies in a number of ways. For example, companies currently defending lawsuits challenging “healthy” on labels may consider seeking a stay of litigation pending FDA’s final action"

Outrageous! Their "final action" will takes YEARS. And even then, because the FDA won't enforce it, legally, it will be nearly impossible to hold food companies to account for their claims.

Please ask your supporters and friends to make comments here:



Please tell the FDA to DO THEIR JOB!


In the meantime, while our regulatory agencies stoop to new levels of low, irresponsibility, and corruption we once again assert that the women and moms who make 90% of the household choices are the ones that will turn this around.

The fact is that if we don't buy it, the food companies cannot sell it.

All we need to do is empower women and moms and we can transform the food system and the future of America 

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With Love,

Zen and MAA Team


My comment to the FDA below:

"Healthy" food must not only be determined by nutritional content. That is an incomplete, inaccurate and irresponsible way to determine "healthy". We Moms Across America can see through this tactic and we are NOT BUYNG IT!
We determine healthy to mean 100% natural, from nature, not a lab- NO GMOs, NO man made synthetic, harmful chemicals, and NO artificial dyes, preservatives or additives which have ever shown to cause short or long term harm.

By only using nutritional content to define "healthy", the FDA means to legally allow GMOs and harmful chemicals in "healthy food". This would support food companies who are being sued for "unhealthy" food which is labeled "healthy" from being liable.
It must be clarified that when the industry says a chemical is "not toxic" and therefore does not need to be tested or labeled and can be allowed in "healthy" food, they are using a loop hope in the testing process. "Toxic" according to industry means that it kills an animal in 4 days. We mothers are not feeding our child a food for only 4 days. We feed our children for the long term, and a small amount of a "non toxic" chemical can cause great "harm" over many years. "Harmful", meaning short or long term harm, is completely disregarded as a term in the food industry, and therefore harmful chemicals are allowed, even in "healthy" food. This is immoral.

We deserve to have food which does not have toxic or harmful chemicals for our children. We demand long term testing showing full disclosure and final formulation testing of chemical products sprayed on our food, not just the one "declared active chemical ingredient". We know that the current system is set up to allow food companies to add chemicals to our food, our to allow chemical residues from GMO and chemical farming, and to not be responsible for the impact on consumers. 

The public should know that the FDA has falsely classified GMOs and pesticides/herbicides/fungicides under a PROCESS not as ADDITIVES so that the food companies do not have to label and safety test. We mothers know that "additives" are required to be labeled and safety tested. The food companies want to avoid testing and labeling, and the FDA allows them this lack of accountability. This does not create healthy food, this only creates wealth for the food companies. 

It is unethical and irresponsible that the chemicals that the EPA and FDA allowed to be sprayed on our food and feed crops have never been proven safe to the EPA in their final formulation state. This is misleading to the American public. The FDA is responsible for ensuring that our food is safe, healthy and nutritious, not for protecting the profits of the chemical companies. We ask the FDA to have integrity and responsibility and to classify "healthy " as grown or raised naturally (in nature) not in a lab, fed or being Non GMO, Pesticide (including herbicides/fungicides) Free, low in sugar, sodium, no transfats, no MSG, no carrageenan, and free of other harmful additives/preservatives/dyes. 

Thank you,
Zen Honeycutt
Executive Director, Moms Across America
Mom of 3 boys who got healthier when they avoided GMOs and toxic/harmful chemicals


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  • Mark Brown
    commented 2016-12-31 07:06:37 -0500
    ZenHoneycutt+MomsAcrossAmerica=AWESOME! I can’t even begin2tellU how
    AwesomeUR! You put a smile on my face after I wake up! Keep up the Great
    Work! OrganicAmericaRocks! 50% cheaper Healing with OrganicHippocrates!
    Let’s do a Marshall type project 2convert America2Organic+Renewables!
    Put everybody back2work! Small Organic Farmers Rock! StandingRock=YES!
    KeepUpTheGreatWorkUGuys….Your Friend Maverick…Mark BrownPA Hopkinsgrad.
  • Nancy Joy Callihan
    commented 2016-12-30 17:34:57 -0500
    The FDA needs to be held to their responsibility of protecting us from foods that are unhealthy, toxic, GMO, etc. Enough is enough of this veiled “help” and “regulation” that they are doing. The FDA “emperor” has no clothes! Check out the research and the facts and you will find out for yourself. They are in the pocket of of the big food industry and corporations.

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