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Easton CT is Saying NO THANKS to 5G, and We Can Too!

Did you know that Telecom is rolling out 4/5G cell towers to create "Smart" City Grids, all across the country, right now?

Dallas approved 966 "small" cell (4/5G) towers already. Residents in New York, Oregon, San Francisco, Georgia, and many more are waking up to a cell tower as close as 12 feet outside their bedroom windows. Costa Mesa, CA just approved "small" cell towers to be built 30 feet from home daycares. Within days residents are reporting headaches, nose bleeds, fatigue, behavioral issues, and tinnitus. These symptoms are just the beginning. Studies from different countries show up to a 200% increase in cancer within 1500 feet from a cell tower. In Ripon, CA four students and three teachers got cancer after a cell tower was installed on school premises. A cancer cluster around cell towers on college campus has been known to exist for over ten years. More towers are being constructed on schoolyards right now. Studies show that radio frequency radiation weakens the immune system as well, putting our citizens at greater risk of severe COVID effects.  This must stop.

Please sign the letter from Moms Across America, Americans for Responsible Technology and Children's Health Defense today. Read the full letter below.

Tell your friends and family they must act NOW. Once these towers are up and on, it is very difficult to get them down. Speak up at remote city council meetings, send letters, call and tell your Mayor and State Representatives that we cannot allow Telecom to bully us into 5G "Smart" Cities. Without studies proving safety and EMF insurance, our residents and cities are at grave risk. Constant radiation and data collection without our consent is a dumb idea.

Thank you.

-Moms Across America

5G Free Campaign to State Representatives, State Senators, State Assembly and Mayors,

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am writing to inform you that the city of Easton, CT passed a “cease and desist” resolution calling on wireless companies to stop their build out of 4G/5G small cell wireless antennas until such facilities are proven safe through independent research. I am respectfully requesting that our city take the same action to protect our residents. 

Currently, small cell facilities are being installed as close as 12 feet from residents' bedrooms. Many people are experiencing health problems from this exposure and some have been hospitalized or moved away. Radiation emitting antennas are being erected on or close to school property, with grave implications for the health of students and teachers when they are back in school. In some areas property values near small cells have dropped 20%, and lawsuits are brewing nationwide.

Although Telecom companies claim that 5G is safe according to FCC standards, the fact is that the FCC has failed to evaluate the scientific literature regarding non-thermal effects of pulsed and modulated radio frequency radiation on human health or the environment. Two cases were filed against the FCC for its refusal to review its obsolete guidelines. These cases are in the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. 

The consensus among independent scientists (those without conflict of interests) is that thousands of studies show clear evidence of profound adverse effects from these pulsed and modulated RF radiation currently used for wireless communications. 5G is utilizing all of the existing 4G infrastructure as well as new, lower and higher frequencies and millimeter waves frequencies to enable the “Smart” city network to function. The rollout of 5G is exponentially increasing our constant and involuntary exposure to this harmful radiation in our own homes without recourse or escape. 

5G is classified as the "highest risk" by Swiss Rea, one of two world leading secondary insurance companies and the cell towers companies find it difficult to get liability insurance for the health effects. 

Unless and until wireless companies are able to prove that close proximity to small cell microwave antennas is completely safe for all humans, including pregnant women, young children and other vulnerable populations, and that they have obtained liability insurance without an EMF "pollution" exclusion, we ask you to immediately adopt a protective municipal code and the cease and desist resolution.

In the meantime, we request that any construction of high-speed communications infrastructure consist only of fiber optic cables connected directly to homes and apartments of residents.  Fiber optic connections are faster, safer, more secure and significantly less expensive than wireless connections.

Please protect our children, residents and businesses as Easton, CT has done! Thank you!

Moms Across America 

Americans for Responsible Technology
Children's Health Defense




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