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Cereals and Snacks

In a "Unsafe on Any Plate" Report, Food Democracy Now and The Detox Project tested 28 cereal and snack products and found moderate to high levels of glyphosate in many samples. Detectability was 5 ppb. Levels of 1 ppb have been shown to cause liver damage in animal studies. Levels as high as 1,125.3 ppb was found in Cheerios. Cheerios is made of wheat, as many snacks and cereals are, and wheat has been commonly sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent. Since Moms Across Americas initiation of glyphosate testing, and other tests results like the following, country's such as Canada, France, Belgium, Germany and 30 others have banned or restricted the use of glyphosate use in agriculture or landscaping.

The "Unsafe on Any Plate" Report states:

A 2014 study found that high levels of glyphosate exposure in animals and humans were correlated with an increase in chronic illness. The authors discovered that: “Glyphosate residues in urine were grouped according to the human health status. Chronically ill humans had significantly higher glyphosate residues in urine than healthy humans.”

Most concerning is that the USA allows much higher amounts than Europe...showing a clear discrepancy in the safety standards of our regulatory agencies.

Full report found here.

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