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WHO Passes International Health Regulations and What it Means For Us

A Report on the Geneva WHO Summit and Inspired Global Leadership Summit and Rally May 31-June 1, 2024

A week after the World Health Organization summit, an announcement was made that the IHR amendments had passed, creating global control over health and personal freedoms. The World Health Organization initially failed to agree on amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the Pandemic Treaty. How it was passed, with only 1/3 present, and the pending restrictions on personal freedoms is causing an outcry worldwide. During the summit, health and free speech advocates from around the world gathered in Geneva at the Inspired Global Leadership Summit to counter-strategize and protest what many are calling a massive power grab that threatens medical choice, free speech, and individual work and travel freedoms. Moms Across America attended, spoke on the global food supply, and collaborated with international leaders to protect our health and personal freedoms.

The IHR and Pandemic Treaty policies affect everyone around the world.

Originally, there were roadblocks to the WHO’s progress in passing the agreements:
1. The WHO failed to file the proper paperwork before the May 24 deadline.
2. The lack of agreement on policy content
3. The inability to gain agreement from ​several countries who made clear to the WHO their intentions to object or vote no:

Switzerland sources reported that attempts were made to have Biden sign the agreement, with the promise of working the logistics out later. Some say the urgency was fueled by doubts that he may not win the coming presidential election. Either way, it is a preposterous proposal to sign an agreement before the agreement has been made... one can only imagine what the unelected officials would have Biden unknowingly agree to on behalf of every resident of the United States of America. However, the pharmaceutical companies could be sure that the agreement would result in billions, if not trillions of dollars of profit, if it included another new vaccine mandate.

Lawyers from around the world have poured over the content of the agreements. Link to press conference here.

From the substack of SHABNAM PALESA MOHAMED, JUN 4

A post from a Japanese reporter summarized how the IHR was passed:

Tweet via: @ChikatsuHayashi

Thousands gathered in Japan to protect personal freedoms. The World Council for Health Japan (WHCJ) reports over 80,000 people have signed the petition to resist the WHO power grab.

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The proposed pandemic treaty has been paused and the WHO wants it to be completed by year-end, if not sooner. A package of IHR 2005 amendments was passed.

SHABNAM PALESA MOHAMED’s summary on IHR amendments:

  1. The IHR 2005 amendments adoption process at WHA 77 was unlawful
  2. Including article 55(2) violation + the lack of vote on Saturday 1 June 2024
  3. Only 37 countries out of 194 expressed support, listed earlier in this article.
  4. The other countries objected and were ignored, not recognised or threatened.
  5. Coercion is not consent. Member state delegates should pursue legal action.

From the Brownstone Institute - Analysis of New Amendments

Most of the new amendments are derived from the April draft previously analyzed, and will enter into force in 12 months’ time. All States Parties, except four who rejected the 2022 amendments (Islamic Republic of Iran, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Slovakia), will have 10 months to reject or make reservations.

The final package concentrates particularly on expanding an intrusive and expensive surveillance system targeting natural variants at the country level. It therefore is not targeted at ‘stopping the next Covid-19 – an outbreak probably arising from human manipulation in a lab – but the small burden of naturally derived acute outbreaks.

“..the National IHR Authority takes charge of IHR implementation. Hence, this authority will be calling the shots for monitoring and surveillance, as well as preventive measures and responses.”

The Brownstone article further explains that the primary concern is that the agreement leaves an open door to a perpetual state of emergency. That means that heads of states have expanded powers during those times, including the ability to restrict travel and enforce the use of “health products,” which includes vaccines and supplements.

In the USA a state of emergency is often utilized by the President as a time to print money for pandemic prevention, which usually means tech, pharma, and military companies gaining massive contracts.

Who decides whether or not we have a global pandemic?

From the Brownstone Institute:

“This amendment maintains the Director General as the sole person who declares a PHEIC, including a pandemic emergency. Read together with the definition of pandemic emergency in Article 1, more frequent pandemic declarations may be expected. The current DG has declared an emergency for monkeypox after just five deaths globally, within a restricted demographic.”

From The WHO - About the IHR

The IHR, which were first adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1969 and last revised in 2005, were conceived to maximize collective efforts to manage public health events while at the same time minimizing their disruption to travel and trade. They have 196 State Parties, comprising all 194 WHO Member States plus Liechtenstein and the Holy See. These Parties have led the process to amend the IHR through the Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) (WGIHR).

It is acknowledged that there is a need for a plan to support quick communication, solid science, and speedy actions to resolve global health issues. However, one would expect that such agreements would not strip a country, state, local county, or individual of their sovereignty. One would expect that part of what it means to be a human is that we would have the right to choose the medical procedures our bodies endure and have the freedom of choice to visit and hold the hands of our loved ones dying in care homes; we would have the right to risk getting sick if we choose. Unfortunately, the WHO does not expect to meet those expectations and is working towards draconian medical mandates, travel passports, and digital IDS, which threaten financial freedom and travel.

At Moms Across America, our focus is primarily on the food supply and environmental toxins. The threat of a global pandemic would be GREATLY reduced, and maybe even eliminated, if global citizens had access to healthy, organically grown, nutrient-dense, nontoxic food that supports, instead of weakening the immune system. We have long been sharing about how chemicals like glyphosate, sprayed in the amount of 280 million pounds a year on food and feed crops in the USA alone, have been shown to destroy beneficial gut bacteria and weaken the immune system, contributing to increased severity of symptoms from viruses such as COVID.

We expect the World Health Organization to address the CAUSE of our global health crisis, not just dream up protocols based on fear (not science) to restrict and control the masses once a lab-produced virus has been introduced into the human population.

Instead, the WHO focuses on restricting medical choices and increasing its power to control our finances and free speech under the guise of pandemic management. The threat of having our medical choices eliminated and our loved ones being mandated to take medications or injections to maintain their jobs, travel, or visit loved ones impinges upon our health and our freedom. No person is genetically identical and will react differently to different foods, medications, or vaccine ingredients. It is simply not scientifically sound to mandate any medicine or vaccine. The threat of having digital IDs that monitor our behavior and medical procedures, AND have access to our bank accounts is simply totalitarianism.

In Geneva, Matthias Desmet author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism, cautioned against the dangers of our current societal landscape, media consumption, and reliance on manipulative technologies ( such as those as proposed by the WHO), that prevent the willing sacrifice of our freedoms.

Speakers at the press conference, conference, and rally included Phillip Krue Esq, Dan Astin Gregory, Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch, Del BigTree, Bret Weinstein, Dr. Jessica Rose, Drs. Robert and Jill Malone and many more from Brazil, Australia, Mexico, the USA, and several European countries addressed the urgency of protecting individual freedoms.

A community is not made healthy by the loss of personal health choices and forced injections of chemicals, which can cause damage and life-threatening reactions. We are not healthier in a state of fear and emergency on lockdown for months or years, which destroys livelihoods, access to social interaction, and health care.

A healthy community is also threatened by WHO-supported gain-of-function research that can allow dangerous genetically manipulated viruses and bacteria to escape and infect the human race and cause shutdowns. Our access to food, especially healthy food, has been greatly impacted since the devastating supply chain issues during COVID-19 blocked up ports for months, driving up food prices. Everything from fertilizers to frozen chicken to fruit from foreign countries was suddenly marked 20-30% higher in grocery stores (mostly large corporations that fund our politicians). The average American family now needs an additional $11,400 a year to purchase the basics as pre-COVID. Millions of Americans and people worldwide are not getting those pay wage increases and have to make difficult decisions between food and medication.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra asserted at the Geneva rally, however, that Bill Gates has gained a reported additional half a billion dollars from the COVID-19 vaccine—a number that can easily influence Gates’s claims that the COVID-19 vaccine has and can “save millions of lives” without any scientific evidence.

Fauci was recently discovered to be pulling science from thin air. In his recent deposition to Congress, he admitted to not having or being able to quote ANY scientific studies to support 6 feet of separation or masks wearing to prevent the spread of the virus. Fauci was the head of the NIAID, funded to the tune of 48 billion dollars, and made more money annually than the president. He was responsible for distributing a total funding of over $7 billion dollars and supported countless medical universities, journals, and research facilities that could easily have produced a study on social distancing, mask-wearing, and the efficacy of the genetically modified cellular spike protein-producing injection.

However, our government regulators did not take these precautions. As Dr. Jessica Rose and many of the 60+ other speakers stated at the We Are the Change rally in Geneva millions of people have been harmed and have been killed by the COVID-19 vaccines. Some willingly took the vaccine, even cried with relief as they took it, convinced by the $250 million marketing campaign to promote it. Others were coerced, their jobs were threatened, and their families were divided to take the vaccine to be able to continue to provide for their families or see their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters. Too many of these same people are now reporting that their loved ones who received the injection or boosters, pressured by their family members, are now dead.

Moms Across America expects our government to learn from this tragedy. Every life lost from the COVID-19 injection mandates is one too many, irreplaceable, and unforgivable. All the health advocates, lawyers, doctors, and scientists who met, planned, spoke, sang, chanted, and marched in Geneva on May 30, June 1, 2024, want is for this travesty of justice and health freedom to never happen again. It will take courage to face and address this issue and to create a policy to establish that it will not happen again. The question is, do we have that courage?

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