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What You Give to Your Mom, You Get Back 1000-Fold

It does not take much to fuel a mom to keep going. A quick hug before bed, a moment to breathe in her seven year old’s hair that still smells like a young puppy... that love, that connection...recharges her for hours to get the lunches packed, pay the bills, sort out the laundry, and twenty other things before bed.

The same goes for Moms Across America. What we have accomplished, with a small but mighty team and tiny budget (compared to many nonprofits in our cause) is a testament to the determination of mothers. We can run on fumes and still keep going. It is not the most effective way to work, however.

And even so....our work has been so effective. What if we were fully fueled? What if we had a full tank, a full team, professionals that we could call in to whip our technology into shape and experienced staff that could wrangle the nonprofit compliance paperwork into a process of freedom and ease? What more could we be capable of? How fast could we accomplish what we are out to do? Do we have time to wait around?

With your support, just $10 a month, you can be a part of fueling our moms’ team into a finely tuned unstoppable mom machine that is ever expanding and increasingly effective. You can be a part of having our grit, gusto, and love be amplified to such an extent that policy makers will shift their thinking and actions, THIS YEAR. Consumers will continue to shift their purchasing power and we will transform the food industry NOW. Mainstream citizens across the country and around the world will get the power of a mother’s love, a parents determination, and a citizen of the world’s will - one who yearns for nothing but freedom, health, peace, and prosperity...and we will create a new future of health and freedom.

Together, we mothers who purchase 85% of the food, women who make 90% of the household purchasing choices, with the men and our family who support us, we CAN transform the food system and the health of America. We can educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities!

Your mom does not need you to give to her...she will keep on loving you no matter what. But when you DO give to your mom, don’t you see that you get back 1000-fold? She gives to you everything she has; she thinks of things you may never think of, she will do the hard and messy things because they need to be done. Moms Across America does that for you. We promise, if you invest in us, you will get back 1000-fold.

Will you become an Unstoppable Member and donate $10 a month? That’s just 3 cents a day. That’s the fuel that will keep us, not only going, but thriving and expanding into an unstoppable force of love and power that will transform the planet. Thank you.

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