Welcome to Moms Across America!

Welcome to Moms Across America!

Thank you for visiting our new site! 

We are thrilled to have signed up for NationBuilder to create a site with the capacity to support hundreds of thousands of marchers and volunteers! How amazing is the technology and community that we have created in America??!!

Every day I am inspired by the commitment, creativity, passion and generosity of people all across our country. So many people are coming together to support this exciting national event.

On this site you can sign up to march in a listed parade, upload an event in your area that we don't know about, learn or share more about GMOs, expand your involvement or leadership in your community, and connect with amazing people all across America. Every bit that you can do or share helps.

We hope you see the extraordinary opportunity that is before us. Moms are coming together to be an unstoppable movement for the rights of all children and people in this country...to know what is in our food and to be able to eat GMO free if we choose. Too many Americans still don't know about GMOs.

Thank you for your interest, willingness and generosity in sharing about GMOs with anyone you know. Thank you for  joining in a parade near you on July 4th to march for the health of our families, truth in labeling, justice for future generations and liberty for all Americans to choose to eat GMO Free.

Zen Honeycutt and the MAAM Team



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