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Safe Steam Weed Control

Is your city, school district, landscaper, or university still using Roundup? 


There IS a safe, non-toxic alternative! Safe Steam Weed Control!


With high-temperature steam, a landscaper can kill weeds safely AND improve the quality of the soil instead of depleting it.
Eliminating toxic chemical drift reduces the risk of lawsuits from residents and pesticide applicators.
Decreasing run off into the streams and oceans protect swimmers, marine life and wildlife too.
Glyphosate, in Roundup/Rodeo has been listed on the CA EPA Prop 65 carcinogen list and Roundup has been found to cause liver disease and increase non-Hodgkin Lymphoma rates. It's time every city, school district, and landscaper stopped using glyphosate-based herbicides.

We are delighted to share an amazing piece of news that you can pass along to your city councils and community.
Please forward this email to the person in charge of pest and weed management today!

Due to extraordinary demand for their steam weed control machines, WeedTechnics is now taking Pre-Orders for certain models with a 5% Discount, saving several hundred dollars!

Watch the owner Jeremy Winer demonstrate this method that has been used in Australia for 15 years!

But act now as the discount is only for pre-orders on SW700, SW800, and SW900 Bare Units and only until October 20, 2017.

  • Learn more about the machines here  
  • Learn how others are benefiting here
  • Learn more about steam weed control here
  • For more details, contact WeedTechnics here

Have the person ordering use the code SAFE4KIDS and thank them for being a Community Hero! 

Let us know so we can send them a Moms Across America Healthy Communities Hero Certificate!

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