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We Need You

Food. It is a necessity and usually a joyful part of life. We create entire communities and cultures around the stuff. Food is there for every major event in our lives whether joyous or sorrowful. Food can heal. But food can also be the pink elephant in the room. The thing we don’t talk about when we eat differently than others. The thing that excludes us and our kids from their tribe. The thing we are uncomfortable talking about when our kids have a food allergy and their exposure could put them in the hospital or worse. Then, food can be isolating and separating and scary.

Because of this, topics such as glyphosate in the food supply don’t usually get the attention they deserve in the media. We need to constantly test and present the unpopular findings to get the media to talk even for a minute about a topic that affects all of us every day - the harm that the food we eat is causing.

What little attention our cause gets requires work. Hours and hours of effort by many people to constantly share new studies on toxins in our food supply and environment. Researching and seeking out treatments for health problems such as cancer, autism, and autoimmune disease that could all but be eliminated if we addressed the issue of toxins in our food, water, and air. These are topics that the government, Big Ag, Big Pharma - and even social media - don’t want you to know about. Making the commitment to talk about these things isn’t an easy road. But for the last six years Moms Across America has been walking that road. Many of you have been aware of our efforts and benefited from them. And for that we are grateful. We measure our success one healthy child, one healthy family, one healthy community at a time.

In the past, MAA has been reserved in our requests for help. We are a frugal group that knows how to stretch a dollar (we’re moms) and so our annual budget has always been extremely... modest. This coming year, that modest budget is in jeopardy. For some reason, people think that our message has been heard loud and clear - that change is on the horizon. We believe that change is on the horizon...and we’d like to believe that our message is being heard by more people every day. But here’s the reality.

The good news is that organic food sales made a breakthrough in 2019 with almost 6 percent (5.7 percent) of the food sold in this country now being organic. The not-so-good news is that in 2019 organic food sales are only roughly 6 percent (5.7 percent) of total food sales. It’s not nearly enough. Clearly not everyone who eats knows about or has access to organic food. How will we increase fertility rates and decrease infant and child health issues when our country is consuming a diet of 94.3 percent toxin-sprayed and GMO foods? How can we reduce epidemic levels of disease in children, young, old - every segment of the population - so long as we are contaminating the soil in which we grow our food with nutrient stripping chemical cocktails? What will the future hold for anyone? How will all this end if we don’t take responsibility now?

If you’ve been following Moms Across America for any period of time you know who we are and what we’re about. You know Zen Honeycutt and her commitment to making sure every family has the information and tools they need to live a toxin free life. You know we were the first organization to speak up about and convince the first lab to develop the capacity to test test for glyphosate in our food, beverages, and bodily fluids. We were the ones who found glyphosate in breast milk, Pediasure, beer, wine, and common pantry food items - and shared that information with the world. We have been the ones to stand along-side Bobby Kennedy when he spoke out about toxins in vaccines; along-side the activists at Standing Rock; to sit down with the EPA repeatedly to find common ground as citizens to begin to make the changes necessary to create health and heal the planet. And so much more.

As we enter the season of giving...we ask for your financial support as we move into the next decade. A decade we at Moms Across America insist will bring an end to toxic spraying. We want to see the labels “organic” and “conventional” disappear as all farmers are fairly paid to grow only organic and no food manufacturer accepts anything less than organic ingredients for their brands. We want your children to be able to play in any public park without fear of coming in contact with Roundup and to eat at any restaurant without worrying about having a life-threatening allergic reaction. That’s our vision for 2020. For us it’s crystal clear. What’s your vision? What’s your commitment? What conversation do you want to be having a year from now? Or 5 years from now?

By donating to Moms Across America you will be a part of shifting the needle to organic. By sharing your resources with us you will be creating positive change for your family and ours. Your contribution will help secure our future...and our impact. We can’t do this without you. Will you help us?

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