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We Are What We Eat

What We Put in Our Mouth Has a Direct Effect on the Health of Our Brain

Better Brain Health: We Are What We Eat, by DW, the German Public Broadcast Service, is a deep look at the relationship between food and the brain. In this documentary film a panel of international scientists studying the field of neuro nutrition discuss how food goes straight to our brain - affecting our mental health, moods, and intellectual ability. 

The film investigates many studies on food and behavior, including one which exposes the one vitamin that was discovered to completely stop aggressive behavior in an animal study. 

Other studies show how the development of the brain can be determined by prenatal consumption. In a study of 23,000 pregnant women, those who consumed large amounts of sugary foods gave birth to children who later in life had increased levels of stress, higher incidence of antisocial behavior and other cognitive issues. 

The scientists explore how today’s humans eat diets of highly processed foods, imbalances in the brain which are resulting in aggression, depression and agitation in our population. Which raises the questions of whether mental health in general and criminal behavior in particular could be controlled through diet? Studies presented throughout the film indicate the answer is yes.

We Are What We Eat gives us a window into the effects of our eating habits on memory and development of the brain as we age. The bottom line is it’s never too late to make changes and feel the impact. For the details, watch the film.

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