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Vote Today and Everyday with Your Wallet

This is a blog post from an email sent Election day. A reminder of the importance of the power we have no matter who is in office.


If you have seen the movie Suffragette, you know how hard women have worked to get the vote. No matter who you are voting for today, we urge you to exercise your right tovote. If you have not watched Suffragette, we HIGHLY recommend it!

Find your polling place today! VOTE:

GREAT so you vote! And then there are the results....did I hear a groan?

The reality is that tonight, about half our population will likely be very upset. Drama will ensue.
What we ask you to remember that what matters more than who is in the White House, is who you are being in your house. Are you being a leader for your family for healthy food, respect, freedom, and justice? Then you should be proud of yourself. Do you know other Americans who are doing the same? Then be proud to be an American, no matter what. 

It is not the position of one person which determines our happiness, it is the actions we chose to take every day based on what we are committed to which creates happiness.

Committed to health and freedom? Are you doing one thing a day to create that?  Are you buying organic food, sharing a petition or telling a friend about things like the movie Consumed? Then be proud, be happy, enjoy life. 
Don't let the drama of our country's politics steal your joy.

Concerned about who is in power?
If power is determined by money....WE actually have the power, we make 90% of the household purchase decisions, moms!
We can vote every day for the world we want with our wallet! 

So what is even more important than the outcome of the election tonight, is you making that choice to pick up the organic food, the non toxic product, more vegan options, or grass feed organic meats, and reducing energy consumption, every day. Those choices are what will save our planet and our species. I know it takes time and careful budget planning, so THANK YOU from all of America!
(But PLEASE make sure to vote for leaders, Senators and Congress members that will protect us as well)

Also, if you determine that power is love...we have an endless source, we moms. We are inexhaustible and unstoppable!
WE are already in power. We are the leaders of our families and many of us are inadvertently leaders in our communities.
Thank you for voting today at the booths and everyday with your wallet, love, and actions.
THANK YOU for your continued partnership in creating health and freedom in America and beyond - no matter who is in the White House.

With Love,
Zen and MAA Team
P.S. If you haven't donated yet to support the water protectors, please do!

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