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Vector Control Talking Points

Good afternoon. My name is ___________, I am a _____ county resident, mom of ________ with ____________health issues (i.e.: allergies, auto immune issues, and chemical sensitivity).

I am (establish your credibility here - occupation, advocate for X years etc.) Address current agenda issue first (i.e.: I am here to ask for the decision about pesticide spraying remaining in the hands of the 35 board members, not a just a few. All of their votes count and we residents must be represented.)

I am also here to request that all aerial and ground spraying of toxic pesticides for insects in ________ stop. We have (the most, #2 etc.) toxic water on the USA mainland and our  health issues, particularly the health issues affecting our children, are skyrocketing.

You all have an opportunity to reduce this toxic burden and reverse the health issues plaguing our state and impacting the future of our country. Some trustees may not consider the chemicals that are being used as toxic in certain amounts, other trustees may even consider them completely safe. Due to the trust we are supposed to be able to place in our EPA, I understand this. However it is simply not factual, not based on sound science, to consider the pesticides being sprayed from planes, over our water, parks, backyard gardens, bees, and school yards to be safe.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The EPA does not require long-term animal studies showing the safety of the the final formulation of these pesticides. They only require studies on the one declared "active" ingredient, not the final formulation. Everyone knows that when you combine more than one chemical there is going to be a different impact. This means that any claim, from the EPA or chemical manufacturer, that these chemical pesticides are safe, is unfounded. There is no evidence to prove safety and, therefore, they must not be used in our community.

  2. Any studies the chemical companies have commissioned lack scientific integrity because it has been proven that the lab animals, including the control groups, were fed lab chow that was contaminated with toxic chemicals. When health issues showed up in both groups, the chemical companies could claim there was no substantial difference in exposure to the chemicals in question. None of the studies the chemical manufacturers have on animals are valid.

  3. In at least one case (therefore we can question if there are more) the EPA has allowed one form of a chemical to be tested (i.e.: esters or salts) and a completely different form (glycine) to be used in the chemical products. This bait and switch is unethical and potentially extremely harmful - just as sodium chloride is very different from sodium cyanide.

  4. The dose does not make the poison. Our EPA allows 800 endocrine disruptors that are banned in most EU countries. Endocrine disruptors found in pesticides mean that a nano amount of the poison can replace hormones and halt or harm the development of a fetus. So a very small amount sprayed actually means more potential harm to a pregnant woman. Any amount of toxin sprayed in our communities is unacceptable. The fact is that salesmen in chemical companies are paid to lie to you. Our only special interest as citizens is the well-being of our families.

Thank you.

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