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The Vaccine Book Review

The 3rd edition of The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Bob Sears is available! 

Vaccines are becoming an increasingly controversial topic as we are seeing more and more people question their safety.  The problem is, where can we turn for reliable information in a clear and concise way? The Vaccine Book delivers a unique approach to true informed consent for the American public. It teaches you what your pediatrician won’t or doesn’t have time to explain.

Each chapter does a deep dive into a specific vaccine and then delivers the pros and cons in a nonjudgmental way. Delivering the content in this way encourages the reader to address vaccines in a similar fashion and helps to stop the narrative of one-size fits all. This information is followed by additional chapters on subjects like side effects, autism, ingredients, and a new chapter titled, “Deciding If, When and How to Vaccinate.”

This new section does a great job of explaining the shortcomings of the current information out there. Dr. Bob shares his personal experiences with vaccine-preventable diseases (and the lack thereof) giving a more realistic view of the odds of contracting one of these diseases compared to the risks of a vaccine reaction.

The strongest point Dr. Sears seems to be making is that every situation is different and that an individualized approach to your child’s health care needs to be taken. The new edition removed the popular “alternative vaccine schedule” Dr. Bob has become famous for creating. He explains that our approach to vaccines should not be simply following a written process, but instead be a collaboration between the parents and that child’s providers. 

This new stance appeals more to the family, whereas the older edition content appealed more to other physicians. This new voice is refreshing as it stops trying to placate rigid physicians who do not support families opting out of vaccinations. Instead, it empowers families to do their own research and find providers who support medical freedom.

This new edition is a must have!

  • Review by Katelyn, McCormack RN, PHN of the Moms Across America Team

Safe and Effective?

Why Medical Freedom is Worth Fighting For

We have currently lost the ability to discuss vaccines. Too quickly, the topic gets emotional and rational thought and science gets thrown out the window.  We need to educate ourselves on all aspects of vaccination decisions and clearly and concisely articulate this information to empower others to join this movement with us.

Safe and Effective is a road map walking you through the various components of vaccine discussions. It is perfect for individuals just starting their journey who are trying to get the whole picture perspective of the industry and the conversations that you may encounter when discussing this topic.

With a focus on foundational knowledge, this book covers topics such as VAERS, herd immunity, informed consent, and how the health of our country compares to others.  Safe and Effective will get you thinking about, and questioning, how the whole system has played into the narrative that you are used to hearing, that vaccines are “safe and effective.”

After reading this book, you will be well empowered to further pull back the curtain on the vast amount of information you have not been told. The goal is to inform, educate, and empower families to trust their intuition, learn more, and transform how our society views vaccinations and medical freedom!

This book pairs perfectly with the deep dive that Dr. Bob Sears does in The Vaccine Book as that book goes vaccine by vaccine, while Safe and Effective focuses on the conversation topics you are likely to encounter.  With these two resources, you will be well prepared to advocate for yourself and others!

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