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Trump: We Can Make a Better Deal


Exporting GMOs and Importing Organic Threatens National Security 


 We understand that our administration wants to help the Midwest by having more GMO crops grown and sold to China. Last week, China approved two GMO crops, corn and soy, to be imported from the USA and fed to their livestock only. Now midwest USA chemical companies Monsanto and Dow can sell more GMO seed to China.


Is this really a good deal for America? Or are we risking our national security by poisoning our own country with GMO farming, to feed another?




93% of the soy, for instance, grown in the USA is GMO, with the majority of it exported. In the meantime, we import 80% of our soy used in organic USA food, usually from China and Turkey. Many of these crops are turning out to be fraudulently labeled as organic and highly poisoned with chemicals like glyphosate, found in the world’s most widely used herbicide, Roundup, and other generic brands.


Some organic crops, such as imported organic garbanzo beans, organic white beans, and organic red lentils, have tested positive for almost just as much glyphosate as conventional. Experts suspect this is due to fraudulent labeling.

Glyphosate has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor, neurotoxin, antibiotic, chelator, can cause liver disease and is carcinogenic.  Americans work hard and budget carefully to pay more for organic food to avoid chemicals which can cause health issues. Most health-conscious vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free consumers are not aware that many of the main ingredients in their food like imported garbanzo beans, wheat, soy, and lentils are testing positive for Glyphosate, and in many cases are highly contaminated with toxic chemicals. Both organic and conventional food, however, should be free of glyphosate to protect the American people.

Another recently discovered threat from overseas is that ISIS terrorists have claimed to have enough Thallium sulphate, a tasteless chemical, to poison the American food supply. The chemical caused victims to die within ten days. Importing major food crops from other countries is obviously not in our best interest. We must grow more organic in the USA to feed our citizens and protect our national security now.

Locally, GMO farming creates issues for the next generation as well. Americans eating conventional food, such as meat from animals fed with American-grown GMO soy and corn are allowed by the EPA to be eating residues of Glyphosate many times higher than has been shown to change sex hormones, lose fertility, and cause deformities of the second or third generation in animal studies. There are no studies on humans to verify if the same effects are connected to the rise in fertility in our young American couples, because as the EPA says, “It is not ethical to test pesticides on humans.” But apparently, it is ok to feed them to the entire American population, to grow them here, allow them to poison our soil, water, and farmers.

I would not call this a great deal for us.

GMO crops are not beneficial for exporting, for human and animal consumption, or for the environment.


 The GMO farming chemicals also run off into our USA streams, irrigation, drinking water reservoirs, and ocean. Glyphosate runoff has recently been linked to the massive die-off  of our coral reefs and marine life, contributing to the rise of toxic algae and seawater temperature. Seeing as over 300 million pounds of Glyphosate herbicides are used in the USA, our policy makers must see runoff as an obvious result.

Depleting our coral reef and fishing industry only makes us more dependent on other countries for food.  

Glyphosate-based herbicides also decrease water retention and carbon sequestration, adding to climate change and increased drought and crop damage.  The frequent chemical sprays build up in the soil, depleting vital nutrients which lead to the proliferation of fungus and increased weed growth. The weeds then develop resistance to the chemicals and crowd out the crops, creating massive problems for our farmers.

Over 37 weeds worldwide are now resistant to the most widely used herbicide, glyphosate, also known as Roundup made by Monsanto, and 700 other generic brands sold worldwide. The back-up, Dicamba has just been approved for a ban in Arkansas, a state which has had hundreds of complaints of crop damage due to dicamba drift. Using one toxic chemical to replace another is not the solution. Toxic GMO chemical farming is not the answer for America.

We pray President Trump will see that we can make a better deal for America by investing in organic farming which will support local jobs, and strengthen our national security.



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  • Anne Temple
    commented 2017-06-29 10:47:37 -0400
    Last week, China approved the import of two GMO crops from the USA, corn and soy. Apparently this is intended to help Midwest farmers economically. However, we continue to import that majority of the soy used in American organic food from other countries. Is this a good deal for us? Moms Across America do not think so.

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