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Top Twenty Five Things To Do To Protect and Nurture Your Kids

We often hear from moms and dads (and say ourselves), “I WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT MY BABIES.

What does that mean?

We have asked our moms- what are you doing to protect your babies? Here are their answers.

We would love to hear yours.

  1. Feeding them 100% organic, whole foods as much as possible and avoiding artificial food dyes (can prevent behavioral and learning issues).

  2. Not injecting toxins into their bodies. Educating ourselves on vaccines to be able to make fully informed decisions on whether or not each vaccine is appropriate for our child. Not intimidated by mandates or recommendations that do not resonate with us, and partner with healthcare professionals who support our decisions. Knowing we are responsible for our children, no one else. 
  3. Using natural remedies and supplements before synthetic drugs as much as possible. Seeking integrative functional medicine, chiropractic, and holistic health care providers to support their body's innate ability to heal.

  4. Reading the labels of medications and looking up side effects.

  5. Reducing exposure to plastic products and materials in contact with their skin, food, and environment.

  6. Being curious and compassionate in listening to them and their needs. Often when they are picky or fussy, their body or gut health needs attention!

  7. Buying the cleanest household products and body care products possible (recommend MADE SAFE certified). 

  8. Learning how to grow our food and have a clean water source.

  9. Teaching children consistent dental care and reducing sugars ( eliminate soda) and processed foods to reduce cavities.

  10. Learning every day about environmental toxins. Supporting local initiatives and communicating with policymakers to reduce harmful exposures.

  11. Sharing the TechSafe Schools program available on with the school district Technology Director.

  12. Not allowing EMF wearable devices like Fitbit, Bluetooth technology speakers, or earbuds, wired only. No charging of any devices by the bed.

  13. Having the house and devices hardwired (costs about $50)- find steps on

  14. Delaying giving child cell phone for a long as possible. Leave cell phones on airplane mode almost all the time.

  15. Having cyber-tracking like Accountable2You to inappropriate material on kids' phones and teaching children about safe internet use.

  16. Getting to know the child's friends, parents, teachers, neighbors, and vet caregivers thoroughly.
  17. Spending time in nature as a family; let learning happen outside!

  18. Limiting screen time allows lots of time for free play and creativity.

  19. Reading books and engaging in art activities (sewing to painting, all mediums).

  20. Finding a cooperative preschool or mom's group (critical for under five years). Create local, spiritual, sports, outdoor, and/or creative community groups.

  21. Providing or giving music lessons, early music, and dance to create high brain functions.

  22. Limiting (or eliminating) exposure to corporate-funded media news. 

  23. Having children be responsible for the care of animals, chores, and projects regularly.

  24. Adding magnesium salts to the bath to supplement minerals ( supports development) that are no longer present in our food sources - make it fun. We call it relaxation dust!

  25. Looking them in the eye every day, listening to them, acknowledging them, teaching them critical thinking, and trusting themselves.

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