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The Virus and the Host

Article and interview by Carol Grieve of Food Integrity Now

We live in a time when it has never been more important to have a healthy immune system. Certainly, the last 2-1/2 years have taught us this. There will undoubtedly be more pandemics in the future. Did anyone notice that not one single major public health official took the step to tell us what we most needed to hear that robust good health is our best defense against infectious disease? Today, I spoke with Dr. Chris Chlebowski, author of The Virus and the Host, his new book which shows us how to take control of our health and decrease susceptibility to infectious viral disease before it strikes.

In The Virus and the Host, protect yourself from infectious disease by reducing toxicity, improving immunity, and minimizing chronic illness, Dr. Chlebowski offers practical and understandable information on viruses, protozoa, bacteria, parasites, and fungi and what each of those pathogens is and what they are not. He shares how viruses are different and what we are still learning about them. He also talks about some of the major toxins that wreak havoc on our immune system. He shares how chronic disease interacts and can predispose us to poor outcomes from acute viral infections, like Covid 19.

Dr. Chlebowski also talks about how we have pathogen partners. As the United States National Institute of Health states on their website, “In healthy individuals, pathogens cause no disease; they simply coexist with their host and the rest of the human microbiome.”

Some of the tools, Dr. Chlebowski shares are:

  • How to eat like your life depends on it
  • The best nutrients to supercharge your immunity
  • How to harness the power of botanical medicine
  • How to detoxify simply and safely at home; and
  • Valuable information on simple treatment and recommended diagnostic tests for given conditions

This interview and book is a valuable resource to assist you to create optimal health. I highly recommend you listen to the interview by clicking on the link below and then get the book.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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