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THE State of Emergency

Our current administration has issued many executive orders and declared some situations in America as a State of Emergency. Troops have been mobilized, millions of emergency funding have been spent, and immediate actions have been taken in some situations to respond to a crisis. 

Though there are many urgent matters happening in our world today, our administration needs to see the state of emergency, happening everyday in almost every American home, is the state of our children's health.

We call upon our administration to focus its attention on our millions of sick children, now. Immediate action must be taken, political will must be mobilized, and policies must be passed to protect our children. Our children are our future. Without healthy children, and adults, we cannot be a world power, a thriving nation, or a compassionate society. We must take action to prevent health issues, not just to treat them. We must reduce our children's exposure to toxins, regain their potential, and the future of our country.

One sees this graphic and inevitably wonders WHY?

Why are our children so sick?

Watch this video:

Cancer Maps and Glyphosate - Zach Bush, MD

According to triple board certified doctor Zach Bush....the cause is primarily glyphosate. This is a bold statement, and one that the agriculture industry and our government would not want us to believe. However the problem is pervasive. Glyphosate is contaminating our water, urine, breast milk, food, vaccines and cotton products. Exposing our children to glyphosate in every conventional meal and injecting them with glyphosate and aluminum (just to name two) toxins simply does not work for the future of our country.  Glyphosate increases the harmful impact of other toxins and functions and an antibiotic and chelator of vital nutrients. Independent scientific studies show that glyphosate is a carcinogen, endocrine disruptor, and causes liver disease. The concept that glyphosate is making our children sick, killing us, and making us infertile, threatens the entire mono crop GMO agriculture system - which consists of 85-100% of our main commodity crops, most engineered to withstand glyphosate.

GMOs also have health issues on their own, and our administration is pushing to all GMO companies to regulate themselves. This will only increase our health crisis and our health care cost spending (over 3.5 trillion), and must not happen. (Please take action to stop this)

We understand that if glyphosate is banned and conventional farmers have no alternatives, our agriculture system could get more toxic and/or it could collapse, along with our economy (which is highly dependent on agriculture exports) ...if we do not transform our food system quickly.

No one wants our farmers to struggle or our economy to collapse. And no one wants their child or family member to get sick or die from cancer either. No one wants a future where human beings cannot procreate and life on the planet is wiped out due to the inundation of toxic chemicals and the growing climate crisis (GMO chemical farming and confined animal factory farming contributes to the climate crisis by the way). But that is the real state of emergency we are facing. A future where we go bankrupt from health care costs and GMO chemical farming increases climate chaos... leading to the extinction of the human race and life on our planet. That is the reality of our times...this Chemical Era.

This is why we share the work of Farmer's Footprint, encourage people to eat organic, and ask farmers to transition land to regenerative organic or biodynamic farming. We have learned from successful farmers that these are the answers. 

Without healthy people, students, workers, military, political leaders....we cannot grow our technology, military strength, world power, or longevity as a nation. We cannot reverse this health or climate crisis if we do not have healthy people making sound decisions.

It is time for each an every one of us to take actions beyond what we have ever considered doing before. Some are prepping for doomsday. That may be wise.

But what is also wise is to take actions every day that create the future you want- one of health, freedom, biodiversity, livable climate and a thriving planet. 

It is time to END this Chemical Era.

It's one thing to acknowledge an emergency. It's another thing to take actions to resolve or prevent it.

What can we do to reverse this health crisis, this State of Emergency?

Eliminate exposure to toxins!

1. Remove GMO and conventional food from your diet and eat organic, whole food, plant based, as much as possible.

2. Use a reverse osmosis water system.

3. Remove toxic chemical products from your body care, house hold cleaning products and garden care.

4. Learn more about your family's genetic disposition, ability to detox, and potential harm from toxins in vaccines.

5. Contact your representatives, senators, county supervisors, Board of Education and any others that have influence over policies which impact health such as- GMO food regulation, chemical regulations, weed and pest management in your town or schools, and health freedom. 

6. Take care of yourselves: Get your children and yourselves out into nature every day, put your bare feet on the ground, exercise daily- do not sit so much-stand/stretch, detox, meditate or pray, listen to soothing music, and be creative.

The good news is that parents who have taken just some of these actions have seen dramatic improvements. Parents report that they have not had to take their children to the doctor for sick visits for years. Their children are healthier, happier, perform better in school and enjoy life! Isn't that we all want for our children?

A great movie to share about having our children and families get better is Secret Ingredients. Have a movie night and share it with your family and friends!

Don't forget to tell them government to regulate GMOs (before August 5) and to revoke the license of glyphosate! (before September 3) 

Thank you!


1 in 2 children in America have a chronic illness

out of 3 are overweight

1 in 10 have liver disease

1 out of 10 children have ADHD
1 out of 12 have food allergies

1 in 40 have autism

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