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The Darkest of Dark Acts


If you have not had the time to read and analyze the newest, darkest, most dangerous "GMO Labeling Bill" cooked up by Senator Stabenow and Senator Roberts, that passed last week and is now headed to the House for our representatives to vote for on the synopsis below.

The President will likely get this bill to sign into law on Wednesday or shortly thereafter. If he signs it into law he wipes out America's right to know and states rights.

The bill S.764 is a FAKE GMO labeling bill.

According to leaders in our cause:

The US Senate, through the munificent campaign contributions of the chemical and bio-tech industry, has passed a new anti-labeling bill aimed at squashing Vermont’s GMO labeling initiative which goes into effect this Friday, July 1, 2016. 

 Five Facts About the Senate’s New “Mandatory” GMO Labeling Bill

  1. It is not a labeling bill.  There is no requirement for labeling in the bill.

  2. It is not mandatory.  All provisions of the bill are OPTIONAL.

  3. There are no penalties for non-compliance, so it is voluntary.

  4. While it is intended to preempt Vermont in 2016,  the new (non-labeling, non-mandatory, no penalty, optional bill is not “effective” for at least two years), making such a preemption possibly unconstitutional

  5. It was not the product of an internal “Senate compromise.”  It was written by the GMO and bio-tech industry and greased with campaign contributions to avoid labeling GMO food and seeds.

A Few More Points about the bill.

  1. The narrow definition also excludes products with no detectable rDNA, so highly purified soy, canola or corn oil, as well as sugar from GE sugar beets, also get exempted. These are the majority of GMOs

  2. Even the FDA opposes this bill because ofthe lack of inclusion of all GMOs and the confusing "labeling".

  3. The bill is toothless, since there are NO financial penalties for non-compliance, nor can any non-compliant food be recalled.  The bill simply states that it is prohibited to not disclose the fact that a food is "bioengineered" and the only penalty is that USDA may conduct an audit and reveal the results of that audit to the public.  In addition, the labeling is exempt from FFDCA requirements re: false and misleading claims.  So, if a company decides to ignore the law completely, they would face no real punishment.

Here is the text of the Stabenow-Roberts bill on GE labeling:

In some ways, this is even worse than the original Roberts bill.  The bottom line is that the main intent of the legislation is to immediately pre-empt VT Act 120, and then have USDA take 2 years to propose regulations mandating labeling that can involve QR codes, 800 numbers, and websites.

  • Call Congress and speak to your representatives 202-224-3121 today and every day this week! 
  • Sign the petition to President Obama: VETO the discriminatory GMO unlabeling law!
  • Sign the petition:, and then check your email to confirm your signature (very important -- your vote won't be counted until you confirm).

Thank you everyone for really rallying and being a part of making a difference!

It's time to stand for Health and Freedom for ALL!

The Moms Across America Team







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