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Tell the Government to Regulate -and BAN- GMOS!

Thousands of us dedicated our lives to getting GMOs labeled. We thought we were being reasonable and that our government would listen to us. Our previous administration did not. GMOs are still not labeled, and they remain in our food unseen, without warning, and with thousands more in the pipeline.

Now our new administration has signed an executive order that GMO companies will be able to self-determine whether their GMO should be regulated or not. These are the same companies that brought us DDT, PCB's, Agent Orange, and Glyphosate. The same companies that poison the paradise of Hawai'i, that refuse to pay the fees justly award to cancer patients in need of care due to the use of their products, and the same companies that have been found to be ghost writers of "scientific" studies showing that glyphosate is "safe."

These are the people our government trusts to put safe chemicals and genetically modified species in our marketplace, our towns, and our bodies. We do not agree that this is safe. In fact, we believe this is dangerous, corrupt, and criminal. They know that GMOs and chemicals like glyphosate can cause harm and they are allowing this anyway. Or do they? Are they seeing only the industry science and hearing from chemical company CEOs with big donation checks?

Either way, as a matter of personal integrity and principle, we believe they need to hear from us. We must do our part and tell the USDA that they need to do their jobs and regulate GMOs. The consequences of believing that GMOs are safe are too great. We Americans, and the world that receives our exports, will be the global experiment. We won't know until it is too late if their "innovations" are safe. Just last week a fourth study (that we know of) was released showing that the "new and improved" CRISPR Cas9 GMOs caused THOUSANDS of off-target mutations. Thousands. AND in addition there are problems with the on target edits, when they "heal" they mutate.  Do we, and the citizens of Japan, China, and Korea, the largest importers of our GMO grains, really want to be the ones to find out of those genetic mutations will impact the human body and generations to come? Is it really worth putting our lives at risk for the whim of the corporations? Is it really worth it to put our agriculture industry at risk of having their crops rejected and losing billions of dollars?

The fact is that regenerative organic and biodynamic farming practices are abundant and heal the planet and our people. We don't need GMOs and we certainly cannot afford them. We need to invest in small, biodiverse, toxin-free and GMO-free farms, that sequester carbon, not GMO mono crop agriculture that uses poison. Our federal government spent 3.65 trillion on health care in 2018. Health care costs will bankrupt us and our economic collapse will ripple globally...if we don't reverse our health care crisis. We have a health care crisis because, primarily, we are eating GMOs and being exposed daily to poisonous chemicals through our food, water, air, household products, and even vaccines. The toxic burden is making us sick and killing us. This is not a debate, it is a fact.

We need to come together now, whether we believe our government will listen or not, and do the right thing. We must act - comment, call, send letters. Speak up and tell the USDA and our government that they must regulate GMOs.

Please comment through the link below to the Federal Register to regulate and restrict harmful GMOs - BAN THEM!!!- and to not allow pharmaceutical GMOs to be grown out of doors.

Call and/or contact the White House today: 

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Phone 202-456-1111


We urge you to do these crucial two things to be a part of creating health and safety in our country.

It takes a few minutes for one person, but together, thousands of us can make a difference for decades. 

Thank you for your partnership.

Zen and MAA Team 

Watch Zen's video on the topic

P.S. If you already signed a petition with another organization, please note that their petition, when submitted, may only be counted as one submission, regardless if there are 100,000 signatures on it, so your individual comment matters. The comments that the federal government count individually are ones that are NOT repetitive. So do not copy and paste a comment. We encourage you to use links to any of the scientific studies found here.


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