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Does Your School Technology Director Know How to Reduce Wireless Radiation Exposure to Children?

The people who work in the school system are committed to supporting children to learn and grow up to be responsible, productive members of society. When we parents learn that our children are being exposed to harmful radiation levels at school, which can lead to learning issues, depression, and suicide, it is a human response to be upset, assume the worst, and be angry at the school staff, Principal, or Technology director.

However, in most cases, these staff members simply have no idea that the classroom cellphones, laptops, iPads, and routers could be harmful. The people who have installed wifi in businesses, residences, and schools are often not aware either. 

Allan Brennan became Ireland's 7th Certified Wireless Professional and founded Wi-Fi Projects Ltd.  In 2004 the company became Ireland's 1st Certified Wireless Network Provider. He was awarded 'Fellow of the Irish Computer Society' for his contribution and promotion of the Irish Wireless Industry.  During his career in the wireless industry, he was not aware or informed about known non-thermal exposure health risks and microwave hearing. You can watch a video of his experience here.

He sends this statement specifically to share with your school staff:

“As someone who thoroughly believed in the benefits and capabilities of wireless technology, I was completely unaware that intense WiFi exposure could cause adverse health effects in children (headaches, earaches, sore eyes/stomach, nose bleeds, skin rash, brain fog, depression and more) and did not know children had been identified as a 'high-risk group' in 2011.  Schools should use wired networks to protect our children's best interests, not WiFi.

If a school uses WiFi, the least they can do is adhere to the precautionary and As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)  principles - for example - Turn on WiFi when needed and turn it off when finished.”

For most staff members, this information is new, and they need our support to understand why and what they can do.

We have partnered with organizations to share their information to support you in doing so. In our own experience, with our own children's school staff, we know bringing this information can make a huge difference. As long as we are calm, professional, and approach them in partnership, we can work together to keep our children safe.

We suggest that you go to the school board meeting with a few other parents and/or a local EMF expert if possible. Reach out to one and ask for help. Then write your own 3-minute comments for the comment period. We provide a few samples from parents here, an EMF expert here, and a teenager here.

You can view our 3-minute comments in the video below.

Ask the School Board of Education to do the following: We are asking the board to form a committee to address the levels of wireless exposure in schools and establish a policy to reduce exposure to our children. This would start with consistently measuring the radiation levels to ensure our kids are safe. The only way to determine what actions need to be taken to ensure safety is to take measurements. Linbrook school did this, (see handout)  - and they lowered their exposure rates by 81-98%. We can do this too.

We are asking you to form a committee to consider and address the following questions:

  1. Would you consider turning the power down to no higher than 20% for the entire district?
  2. Would you consider a professional assessment once the power density is reduced?
  3. Would you consider cell phone policy for all of the schools - ie: no cellphone use in class, etc.
  4. Would you consider working with the facility to reduce the use of wireless devices - with more of a focus on books?
  5. Would you consider moving all the wireless access points in the district to a location in the rooms with the least traffic?
  6. Consider ON/OFF controls in classrooms so teachers can turn it on only when it is needed. This would be accompanied by training for the teachers on why.

You can take action immediately to prevent the loss of potential and the lives of our students. We are providing you with step-by-step actions from TechSafeSchool program that can be taken immediately to reduce the levels of exposure to our children. Other schools have done this, we can too.

Allan Brennan, a wifi expert, working with Children's Health Defense suggests: 

Any school using Wi-Fi should do the following:ALARA = As Low As Reasonably Achievable, which in operational terms means no child should be exposed to a signal level greater than -70dBm and ideally the Wi-Fi signal exposure will be circa  -80dBm.

Only use Wi-Fi version 3 (802.11g). Swiss studies found 802.11g emits the lowest levels of radiation.

Change the beacon level interval from 100ms to 650/700 or 1000ms. This saves energy and reduces pulsing from 10 times per second. 10 times per second = 10Hz, 10Hz = brainwave activity region.

Set Wi-Fi transmit power levels to minimum.

Whatever you say, speak slowly, with emphasis, so they hear you and understand the importance of what is being said. Also, make sure to practice what you have to say repeatedly to know you can complete what you have to say within 3 minutes.

Dress in business casual attire and be sure to thank them.

Watch this important video before you speak and send it to them as a follow-up to your public comment.

Dr. David Carpenter, retired Dean of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the State University of NY at Albany, provides an outstanding explanation of the wireless radiation issues in schools in this excellent 20-minute video. 
Please see in the video the difference between the readings of radiation levels at a coffee shop versus a classroom.

Remind them that other schools have done this! Check out Physicians for Safe Technology for more information.

The below links are to the resources we recommend you present to your District or County School Board Meeting during the comment period. You do not have to discuss each study or document. Just mention a few of the points and refer them to the packet of information you provide to them. We suggest printing the first page or two of each document, so they can read the abstract and make enough copies for every board member. Because the fact is that most often, like Allan Brennan, who installed wifi in Ireland for over a decade, most of them have never even considered that wireless radiation could be harmful.

Documents on wireless radiation to download, print (at least the 1st page), and give to each board member:

Bibliography of Critical EMF Science (we recommend printing the whole document)

European EMF Limits

European Guidelines for Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of EMF Related Health Problems and Illness

Wireless Radiation and Depression

National Toxicology Program - DNA Damage and Cellphone Radiofrequency Radiation

National Toxicology Program Brochure on Cellphone Radio Frequency Radiation Studies

Mitigation of RF in Schools  - TechSafe School Program

Tech Safe Schools Trifold Brochure

Linbrook School RF Report and Remediation (we recommend to print the whole report)

With thanks to Mary Anne Tierney of Blue Ridge EMF Solutions for her volunteer support of our efforts and providing the above documents on wireless radiation. We recommend contacting Mary Anne for consulting and further information.

Websites for additional information:

EMF sensitivity:

Scientific peer-reviewed studies:


Further Resources:

Girl with WIFI sensitivity and what school did to make a safer environment

Teen who was allergic to WiFi commits suicide: mom

Schoolgirl Jenny Fry found hanged after 'suffering from allergy to WiFi'

Video from Environmental Health Trust

This is a nationwide issue:

The Atlantic reports that 56.5% of our teens are currently experiencing persistent sadness or depression. Every 5 days in America a child under the age of 13 kills themselves. It's not just social media, bullying, or genetics. We now know that wireless radiation can be a contributing factor to neuropsychiatric changes. Let's all do what we can to prevent depression and suicide in our irreplaceable children and teenagers.

Click HERE to take action to alert school staff, psychiatric experts, health professionals, and public policymakers of this significant issue, asking them to work with the Technology Directors to make changes. Feel free to add a personal comment to the top of the letter!

Your letter will go directly to:

President - National Parent Teacher Association
Vice President of Advocacy - National Parent Teacher Association
Vice President of Membership - National Parent Teacher Association
President - National Association of Secondary School Principals
President -National Association of Elementary School Principals
President - National Education Association
Vice President - National Education Association
President - American Federation of Teachers
Executive Vice President - American Federation of Teachers
President - National Association of School Nurses
Vice President - National Association of School Nurses
President - American Psychiatric Association
President - American Psychological Association
CEO & Executive Vice President - American Psychological Association
CEO - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Executive Vice President and COO - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
President - National Association of State Technology Directors
Vice President - National Association of State Technology Directors


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  • Daniel Joeland
    commented 2022-08-12 13:16:42 -0400
    I’m so glad you addressed this topic because I seriously believe my bone tumor was caused by wireless radiation because it was right after I got a new phone and exactly where the phone sits in my pocket. Can’t say for sure until more research was done. A remediation expert at was also telling me that wireless exposure combined with mould in the school can make children more prone to illnesses. We definitely need more research on all of this and so grateful you’re bringing to people’s attention. I’ll be sharing this article a lot!

    #wirelessexposure #childrenhealth #momsacrossamerica
  • Cecelia Doucette
    commented 2022-05-16 12:09:49 -0400
    Bravo, Zen, Mary Anne, CHD and ART! Thanks for all you’re doing for our collective kids! I hope your son is able to find a safe learning environment where he can recover and continue to pursue his dreams.
  • Zen Honeycutt
    published this page in Blog 2022-05-12 15:52:44 -0400

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