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Solutions Amidst Sadness

The information below is not medical advice, it is for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor for your health care.

To all those who have loved ones who are ill.


It was a sad trip for me to see friends and family, a loved one, a person I have always felt a part of me, a part of my heart, has been diagnosed with a tumor in their bones and another has been undergoing chemo for months. This trip was a goodbye to a loved one. It matters not who to you, but what matters is that this person could be a loved one in your family.

The statistic of 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females are expected to get cancer in America today is real. It is not an exaggeration; it does not mean someone else’s family. It means mine, it means yours, and lives are being compromised, gone too soon....and the loss is greater than any economic gain that could be had by our society from any product, chemical, type of food, or service to society. Cancer knows no race, class, age or gender. Loss or pending loss weighs more heavily on a society than can be measured.  Sadness impacts our faith in what is possible for ourselves and our world.

When we give up, we might as well be dead, someone said.

Sadness has a way of having us forget who we are. Many of us do this. It is understandable.

We become frozen in life and often stop all plans; we do not see a future to live into without our loved one.

We cannot see how life as we know it could go on.

At some point however, we see that life is happening, life is moving on with or without us or our loved ones.

So we get up, we eat breakfast, we go to the next thing in our life.

In my case this past weekend, it was to the Food & Thought Health and Freedom Conference in Naples, Florida.

The organizer, Michael had lined up a series of amazing speakers, Jeffrey Smith, Robert Scott Bell and more...all with education, insights and solutions to a myriad of health issues. I was able to share about Moms Across America, our Meetups, pass out flyers and connect with potential partners in educational outreach such as the Weston Price Foundation.

I was there to do educational outreach, but I also wanted education for my inner peace of mind. As the speakers spoke, I did not know if their solutions could help my loved ones, but I knew they could prevent the suffering of many others if more people listened, learned and followed what they had to say. The weight began to lift from my heart. The sadness and fear remained but the urge to randomly burst into tears subsided.

If I focused and shared this information, I could make a difference instead of letting despair numb me.

This is just one of the solutions from the Food & Thought Conference.

Robert Scott Bell explained how our gut bacteria, our microbiome is being destroyed by the onslaught of GMO foreign proteins and pesticides in our food. He showed how when the gut bacteria is destroyed, permeation of the gut ensues, food particles and pathogens escape into our blood stream, causing auto immune reactions, inflammation which can lead to cancer, and essentially our body attacking itself. Our loved one’s bodies, instead of protecting themselves, are destroying their cells.

He made a crucial point which most of America does not understand. He said that most of us believe that contact with germ, cancer causing agent or bacteria or the source of contracting the illness. He said this is not so. The terrain, or the environment in which the germ, cancer causing agent or bacteria comes in contact with is just as important if not more important in the end result of contracting the disease. 

A person with a weakened immune system is of course much more likely to contract measles than one with a strong immune system. Vitamin A and C have shown to be very effective in warding off the measles virus. People have shown to harbor cancer causing agents many time throughout their lives, without ever contracting cancer.  Stress, or disease can allow for a weakened immune system, pesticides destroying the integrity of the gut, the tens of thousands of chemicals we come in contact with through our American life, these all greatly increase the odds of inducing illness.

He said that many of us understand that the gut bacteria is the source of 70% of our immune system. We know we need to restore our gut bacteria with probiotics and fermented foods like organic sauerkraut. However, he said, dropping expensive probiotics into a destroyed gut is like dropping a polar bear into the dessert.  They cannot thrive, in fact they may leak out and not be effective. He said the integrity of the gut must be addressed first.

silver.jpg     aloe.jpg

He then described the healing properties of Bio-Hydrosol Colloidal Silver,  how it can draw oxygen into the cells, reduce inflammation and restore the integrity of the cell structure. He should images of different types of silver and made a good case for why the product Sovereign Silver, at 10ppm was more effective than other silver hydrosols with a higher ppm. He explained how to get the colliodial silver into the gut, rather than absorbing as an immune booster through the mouth, one can drink the colloidal silver with fresh Aloe juice, which acts as a carrier to the gut. After the integrity of the gut has been restored, which usually takes about two weeks of consuming 2 teaspoons a day of colloidal silver with 2 teaspoons of fresh aloe juice, 3 x a day, one can add a powerful probiotics. Raw organic sauerkraut or fermented veges also works.


Once the gut bacteria is restored, and we continually feed the bacteria with healthy probiotics foods such as organic yogurt, cultured foods, organic miso, kimchi and saukraut, and we eliminate sugar and empty carbs (which feed bad bacteria), alcohol, processed food and dyes, we can expect our immune system to strengthen. Want to heal body and mind? Look to our food.

It may not heal all, but it helps. And when we begin to heal, little by little, we might remember who we and even a huge contribution to those around us when we participate and create fun in life. 

We can restore not only the gut, but faith in our future as well.

Thanks to people like Robert Scott Bell, many of us have hope in a change of diagnosis, we have a new energy to thrive.

Thank you to Michael, all the supporters of the Food & Thought Conference and all the volunteers of all the seminars, webinars and conferences happening all across the nation which are supporting solutions for good health.

Your energy, time and expertise alters the future for all of us.

Thank you on behalf of myself and my family, whom I love with all my heart for always being willing to look at new or different methods of care and for taking care of your health as best you can in this world with many toxins.

As the song at the end of “The Good Lie” ( a movie about great adversity) says … "We fall and Get up, We fall and Get up, We fall and Get up, Shall we? Shall we?”


Zen Honeycutt

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  • Anant Singh
    commented 2016-06-25 19:26:52 -0400
    I would tend to agree with Liz. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or anything but would be hesitant to use this because in addition to her concerns it is not clear to me that it would also not harm the beneficial gut bacteria – especially in somebody who already has a toxic gut and especially on the borderline of sanity (meaning ASD/mental health issues). Eating yogurt etc after the fact seems to be dodgy to me (of course after a life saving antibiotics whatever – time limited probiotics usage probably a good idea). The cutting edge approach would be as Dr. Zach Bush so eloquently explains is to create the environment for the good bacteria in the body to flourish and initiate the amazing healing powers of the body to do the job.
  • Anant Singh
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