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Plan Now for Safe Tech in Schools This Fall

As a child of parents who were both teachers, I know that most of the lesson plans for the entire school year are created during the summer. Much of the planning on whether or not our children will be learning from in-person discussion, textbooks, whiteboards, projectors, or wireless devices are being decided in a few weeks.

Just this week the Environmental Health Trust and Washington Spectator reported: Oregon Health Authority is Condemned by Scientists for Scrubbing Report on Wireless Health Hazards.

Clearly, ignoring the science has individual, statewide and nationwide repercussions.

Please take a moment to send a letter to your Principal and school staff to encourage them to get the school hard wired over the summer. You may use our letter for inspiration. 

Dear School Board Directors, Principal, Technology Director, Health Directors, and Teachers,

We hope you are having a wonderful summer.

I know that our teachers and staff do not really have the whole summer "off"; however, most of the lesson plans for the entire school year are created during the summer. Much of the planning on whether or not our children will be learning from in-person discussion, textbooks, whiteboards, projectors, or wireless devices are being decided in a few weeks.

We will be so happy to have our child back in classes in the fall, learning in person with you, and able to make friends. We appreciate how much care and joy you put into providing a great education for all the kids. Thank you!!!!

However, we are very concerned with the amount of time the students are spending in front of wireless electronic devices in class.

I did not want to learn about wireless radiation and its harmful effects when other mothers began telling me about it, but eventually, I did. I am not sure what you know about it, but when I addressed this issue directly with the Principal and the Technology director of his past school, he said the school follows FCC guidelines. I appreciate that. However, the fact is that the FCC "safety" standards do not include children (test were done on full-grown man-sized rubber dummy), do not include a prolonged amount of time (more than 30 minutes), are over 30 years old ( the FCC is currently being sued to update them) and do not include multiple devices in one room or routers. So, therefore, unfortunately, any school technology director or teacher that follows FCC guidelines is actually not following guidelines with our children's safety in mind.

The fact is that there are over 8000 studies showing harm to animals and thousands of more papers showing harm to humans and children who are consistently exposed to wireless radiation. One study showed damage to brain cells after only 1 hour of exposure to wireless radiation per day for one month. Every minute our children are exposed to wireless radiation puts them at higher risk of learning and behavioral disorders, weakened immune systems, cancer, and reproductive damage. In one study, after 18 weeks of two daily sessions of 3 hours of exposure, "the majority of the sperm of the rats were dead." 

Please watch this wireless exposure lecture by an expert, Dr. Devra Davis, who focuses on the impact of wireless frequency exposure on children here.

Especially during a time when having a strong immune system is crucial, impacts whether or not our county is shut down, and affects our livelihoods, I would hope our school would make it a  top priority to do whatever we can to support the strength of immune systems and limit wireless radiation exposure.

At home, our child’s laptop is hard-wired, which greatly reduces radiation exposure. We want him to go to school very much. He said, however, that he is on a wireless device for nearly an hour per class. If he is taking 5 classes per day, he is exposed to nearly six hours a day of wireless technology in school. Children that are not hardwired like our child go home and do homework for another hour or two in front of a wireless device, easily totaling at least six hours without video game playing time. Granted, they are not rats, but children and teens are developing, and their immune systems' strength is important. And animal studies are widely accepted to be indicative of human health impacts.

A recent report in USA today sounds the alarm of falling sperm count rates across the nation. In addition to contributing to learning and behavioral issues, weakened immune systems exposure to wireless devices could be rendering our offspring incapable of having children. 

Our nation's schools are legally obligated to provide safe school environments. Children who are sensitive or have weakened immune systems would be disadvantaged by exposure to wireless radiation and must be accommodated. 

I am asking you to please make an effort and provide a safe school environment this fall. Have the school hard wired over the summer to protect our children and offer the fastest, safest technology access. For support, please watch these free TechSafe School webinars lead by scientists, lawyers, and doctors, to support our school to transition to hardwired devices that are safer, faster, more secure, and can adjust to any technological advances.

Our county received significant funding due to COVID. I am asking you to please consider any funding our school receives to go towards hardwiring the school for the safety (and stronger immune systems) of current and future students. In doing so, you will be providing them with both a safe school environment and the ability to be up to date with any advances in technology!

A Sydney school (see example here) banned iPads and is dedicating their in-person learning to books, handwriting, and discussion.

In the meantime, until the school is hard wired, I request that screen time in class be adjusted to 5 minutes per class. 

Please let me know if this is something you can do.

Below are photos of the professional RF reader I have (and have offered to measure levels in the school).

Safe and Sound Pro II Frequency Range of Meter:400 MHz – 7.2 GHz (will detect signals from 200 MHz to 8 GHz)

Please note that the scientists say that below 100 (limited time) is safe, above 100 is harmful, above 1000 is extreme and dangerous. Cell phones are very similar to iPads.

The meter I have reads the PEAK levels, not just the average like most readers. The peak is a part of what our children are being exposed to.

The top picture is on wifi, and you can see the max peak is 787,000. The hardwired cell phone's max peak is 37.

Laptop readings:

The top one is on wifi, with a max peak of 33,600. Hardwired is 47. You can notice that a different meter does not detect the peak, only the average, giving a false sense of security. The FCC only uses the average, which is thousands of times lower than the actual peak exposures.

I ask you to please allow me to come to the school with this meter  (it can be when the children are not there, but the devices are) and measure the levels of radiation. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am not an RF expert, but I know others who are and can arrange for an expert to come to the school.


Please watch the TechSafeSchools free webinars today!

Thank you.

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