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How to Set Up a Safe Computer Workstation For Your Child During COVID-19

Based on the article by Environmental Health Trust.

EHT has created this resource on how to set up a low-EMF computer/laptop/tablet workspace for all the families setting up telework for themselves and their children now doing school online at home. 

With Covid-19 rapidly spreading around the globe, families are sheltering in place and setting up telework and education at home. People are on screens more than ever before. Thus it is more important than ever to take care of our eyes and health by reducing electromagnetic exposures. Environmental Health groups are sharing strategies for safer tech use for kids at home.

EHT has created this resource on how to set up a low-EMF computer/laptop/tablet workspace so that your workstation is as healthy as possible.

Disclaimer:  If you are experiencing symptoms – headaches, sleep issues, rashes, etc.. from EMF exposure (microwave sickness) you will need to take additional measures than are on this page. is a great online resource. We also highly recommend contacting a professional, such as Building Biologist, who can inspect your home or other location, take measurements, and create a professional remediation plan.  This is not medical advice.

Cell phones, computers, and all the wireless screens now ubiquitous in our lives create electromagnetic (EMF) exposures from both the wireless networks and the electrical systems they use. Medical organizations and hundreds of scientists recommend reducing these wireless radiation and EMF exposures. In addition, screens have very high levels of harmful blue light, also a type of electromagnetic radiation and blue light can damage our sleep and risk irreversible eye damage, especially for children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has repeatedly written to the US government calling for a review of our wireless radiation limits because children are more vulnerable to cell phone and wireless radiation because they have thinner skulls, a unique physiology, and bodies that are still developing.  

In short, here are some steps you can take right now.

  • Set up your computer/laptop/tablet station on a table with a chair. Not on your lap.
  • Move electrical wires and electric equipment away from your body
  • Reduce the blue light from all screens with blue light blocker films or glasses.
  • Eliminate wireless radiation from your computer by setting up wired instead of Wi-Fi  internet connections.
  • Ensure you are not sitting directly next to transmitting antennas- for example as Wi-Fi router or Virtual assistant speaker, or Wi-Fi printer on the desk next to your body.
  • Use a corded telephone, not a cordless phone or a cell phone. (We show you how to get one easily of you do not have a phone line.)
  • If you only have a cell phone, keep it at a distance on speaker and minimize use.
  • Connect tech peripherals and accessories with cords and cables- not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This includes your printer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, headphones, and game controllers.
  • Always ensure there is background light on when you use a computer.
  • Charge devices away from working/sleeping/living spaces and preferably during the daytime. Do not use a cell phone while it is charging.
  • Do not use or sleep with a powered on or charging cell phone/tablet/laptop.
  • Do not use a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or wired headset for sound. Use an airtube headset.

Please watch Theodora Scarato Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust review how to set up a healthy workstation step by step in the video below.

Read the full article here.


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