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Roundup Wine Parody Song Reminds EPA and Bayer That They Are Poisoning Us

Moms Across America has long encouraged courage, creativity, and striving to make a contribution to your communities by taking action to raise awareness about GMOS, glyphosate, and toxins that harm our families.

A creative group of people called RoundupWine Team did just that... and made this very clever and artistic parody song about Roundup Wine!
Share it far and wide!

Keep it organic,

Not-so-fun-fact. Having one glass of wine a day can increase the risk of cancer up to 44%. Maybe it's the glyphosate?
What if wine was NOT contaminated with glyphosate?

Click here for the first glyphosate test results in wine.

And the second here.

And the third here.

It's the LAST CALL to take action on glyphosate!

The EPA has directly communicated with Moms Across America regarding the review of the license of glyphosate, saying that the “EPA anticipates releasing the glyphosate interim decision in early 2020 with enforceable restrictions.” This means they intend to renew the license of glyphosate. Usually, they renew a chemical for 15 years.

This is UNACCEPTABLE! A myriad of studies now show that glyphosate herbicides are harmful to life on the planet!


Call the EPA at 703-347-0292 TODAY and tell them NOT to renew glyphosate.
Tell them to revoke its license now and protect American babies, birds, bees, and even our wine from contamination!

Here is a partial list of the ways glyphosate has been shown, in independent scientific studies, to harm animals and/or humans:

Breast cancer, Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, kidney damage, reproductive organ damage, causes higher numbers of early gestation (miscarriage and pre term births), damage to testes and sperm, damage to gut microbiota, heart and lung damage, neurotoxicity, damage to bees, and more.

Some shocking health facts connected to glyphosate:


Please also sign our petition to Bayer to stop selling Roundup! It's time for them to stop profiting from selling poison!

Click here for petition.

Thank you for taking action and being our partners in creating healthy communities!

Moms Across America

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